Q: We’re confused about how many extra cards we get to draw with Cartoon Talk under different circumstances.

A: This card is similar to some other cards we have, like Talk Like A Martian (promo for Martian Fluxx), Outrageous Accent (in Monty Python Fluxx), or Talk Like A Pirate (Pirate Fluxx). All of them work in the following way, to reward which ever kind of out-of-the-ordinary speech they describe.

On the first turn this card is in play for you, if you talk like a cartoon character, you can draw 1 extra card.

If you drop character and start talking like your normal self while everyone else takes their turn, then talk like a cartoon character again on your next turn, you get the same bonus as before: 1 extra card draw.

If, on the other hand, you talk like a cartoon character the entire time in between your turns (or don’t talk at all), then when your next turn comes around, you get to draw 2 extra cards when you talk like a cartoon character on your turn again.

Basically, if you stay in character in between turns, then you get the 2 card bonus if you keep it up on subsequent turns. If you stop talking like a cartoon character between turns, then talk like a cartoon character on your next turn, you get to draw 1 extra card.

Like all New Rule cards, it just stays out until it is trashed for some reason.

Just ask yourself when it gets to your turn:
Am I talking like a cartoon character now?
yes? = draw an extra card.
Did I talk like a cartoon character on my last turn, and keep it up until this turn rolled around so I’m still talking like a cartoon character?
yes? = draw a second extra card.

The maximum number of extra cards you will draw because of this Rule is 2.

Q: For Cartoon Talk, I chose to talk like the Roadrunner, saying only “Meep meep!” to follow the Yeahuh! rule. Should that count?

I made sure I pointed at the Yeahuh! card to make it clear what I was saying as I played my Keeper. Others thought I needed to specifically say “Yeahuh!” but that’s not how Roadrunner talks! Who was right?

A: We would say that was OK. The spirit of the rule is that you have to say a specific thing at a specific time, and if you effectively said that thing at that time, you followed the rule. If you are imitating a character who only ever speaks with one word, and yet can make that word stand in for other words and be understood as such by those listening, AND you made sure to indicate that’s what you were saying, then you have effectively remembered to say the special word at the right time, by saying “Meep Meep!” We would rule that the internal consistency of the situation makes it legit.

Another example might be if someone were speaking like Groot (not quite a cartoon character but undeniably an animated one) who never said anything besides “I am Groot”, and observed the Yeahuh! rule by saying that at the right moment and in the right way, I would find it acceptable.

Q: For Cartoon Talk (or Talk Like A Martian), can one just make any funny voice and say it’s some sort of cartoon character?

A family member thought they were able to just do a cowboy voice and say “I’m sure some cartoon character speaks like this.”

A: That’s a tricky question, but we would say the bonus applies as long as the player is using a voice that is clearly not their normal voice, even if they can’t actually name a cartoon character who uses such a voice. I agree with your concern, but I would still give them the benefit of the doubt, since there have indeed been many cartoon cowboys. Consider: if someone did a Mickey Mouse voice but for some reason just couldn’t remember the name of the character, you’d still accept it, right?

The spirit of the rule is to speak with a voice that isn’t your own, not to perform recognizable voice impersonations, and in this case I think a good enough effort was being made.

This would also apply to the Martian Fluxx themed promo card Talk Like A Martian.

Q: If there is a Rule (or Keeper) in play that adds to the Draw, and then I increase the Draw, does that added Draw count against the new Draw total?

The situation was there was a Rule in place that required us to draw an extra card and play an extra card. On the second play, a draw 4 rule was implemented, which increased the Draw from 1 to 4. There was a disagreement as to whether the extra draw counted towards the new Draw total. Should I have gotten to draw 3 extra, as if I’d increased from 1 to 4, or would it only be 2 extra, since I’d drawn 1 plus the extra draw?

A: Essentially, when you have a Rule in play that changes the draw and play by a formula (you get 1 extra draw and 1 extra play per turn, for example) that formula is still in effect on the increased Draw.

If you had Draw 1 and increased to Draw 4, then you draw 3 more cards.
If you had Draw 1 (+ 1) and increased to Draw 4 (+ 1), then you draw 3 more cards.
You can see how that formulaic increase does not affect the number of cards you’ll get to draw on an increase of the base Draw Rule.

See also what happens when you play the special Rule first: What happens if I play a Rule or Keeper that’s not a Draw or a Play, but increases…

Q: If I play a New Rule or Keeper that’s not a Draw or Play, but increases my Draw or Play, do I do that immediately?

A: Rules that increase your Draw or Play based on a formula (Doom, or what Keepers or Creepers are in play in front of you or elsewhere) as well as Keepers that change the way the rules work for you personally, should be treated as you would an increase in the actual Draw or Play Rules, so the total number of draws or plays you get on your turn increases:

If you had Draw 1 and played a card that made it Draw 1 (+1), then it’s just like you have gone from Draw 1 to Draw 2, and you draw 1.
If you had Draw 4 and played a card that made it Draw 4 (+1), then it’s just like you have gone from Draw 4 to Draw 5, and you draw 1.

Likewise, if such a card is already in play, increasing the Draw rule results in the exact same draw increase as though the formula were not in place.
See If there’s a Rule (or Keeper) in play that adds to the Draw…

Contrast this with Actions that give you extra draws on a one-time basis. If I play an Action or take an “optional action” that lets me draw cards…

Q: How does Inflation interact with cards that say you “may” play (or draw 1) extra?

When a card states that you “may” play 1 extra card (e.g., Rich Bonus or Party Bonus), and Inflation is in play, it is treated as you may play 2 extra cards. Does this mean that you have to choose between playing 0 and playing 2, or can you also play only 1?

See this answer in a video!
Little Answers

A: It’s either zero or two. There is no one.

Adventure Time includes the Inflation analogue, Mathematical! Inflation is also available as a promo card to add to any Fluxx deck.