Q: For Cartoon Talk, I chose to talk like the Roadrunner, saying only “Meep meep!” to follow the Yeahuh! rule. Should that count?

I made sure I pointed at the Yeahuh! card to make it clear what I was saying as I played my Keeper. Others thought I needed to specifically say “Yeahuh!” but that’s not how Roadrunner talks! Who was right?

A: We would say that was OK. The spirit of the rule is that you have to say a specific thing at a specific time, and if you effectively said that thing at that time, you followed the rule. If you are imitating a character who only ever speaks with one word, and yet can make that word stand in for other words and be understood as such by those listening, AND you made sure to indicate that’s what you were saying, then you have effectively remembered to say the special word at the right time, by saying “Meep Meep!” We would rule that the internal consistency of the situation makes it legit.

Another example might be if someone were speaking like Groot (not quite a cartoon character but undeniably an animated one) who never said anything besides “I am Groot”, and observed the Yeahuh! rule by saying that at the right moment and in the right way, I would find it acceptable.