Q: For Cartoon Talk (or Talk Like A Martian), can one just make any funny voice and say it’s some sort of cartoon character?

A family member thought they were able to just do a cowboy voice and say “I’m sure some cartoon character speaks like this.”

A: That’s a tricky question, but we would say the bonus applies as long as the player is using a voice that is clearly not their normal voice, even if they can’t actually name a cartoon character who uses such a voice. I agree with your concern, but I would still give them the benefit of the doubt, since there have indeed been many cartoon cowboys. Consider: if someone did a Mickey Mouse voice but for some reason just couldn’t remember the name of the character, you’d still accept it, right?

The spirit of the rule is to speak with a voice that isn’t your own, not to perform recognizable voice impersonations, and in this case I think a good enough effort was being made.

This would also apply to the Martian Fluxx themed promo card Talk Like A Martian.