Q: If Dice Override is in play, and I play a Draw Rule card which is lower than what I rolled, do I get to draw that many additional cards?

A: No. Since that card effectively turns the die you rolled to the new lower number, it is exactly as if you have replaced a higher Draw rule with a lower Draw rule. Having already drawn more than the new (lower) number, you do not draw any extra.

The same goes for Play rules. If you rolled Play All, and then played a Play 3 card, you can literally turn the die to the Play 3 side, and ask youself “How many cards have I played this turn? If 3 or more, then I’m done with my plays for this turn.”

Q: If Dice Override is in play, and someone has the Lucky Charm, does Play 4 get increased to Play All, since that’s the only higher face on that die?

A: To review, the Lucky Charm Keeper says:
“Whenever you roll, and don’t get doubles, the lower value result is increased by one.”

Since the Draw die includes numbers as high as 5 and 6, while the Play die maxes out numerically at 4, it’s quite likely that Lucky Charm might cause a Play 4 roll to be increased. Lucky Charm does not reference the actual die configuration, it only mentions the values, and tells you to do math on them, so it’s not as though you’re literally changing the die roll to the next highest available (Play All) you’re merely adding one to your roll, making Play 4 become Play 5.

Q: Does Fluxx Dice have enough room to store the dice and a full Fluxx deck?

A: Well, the Fluxx Dice box is the exact same size as all our other deck boxes, but instead of the cardstock two-deck separator, it has a plastic tray to hold a single card stack. So if you’re wanting to combine a deck PLUS the dice, the real question is whether a regular deck box has enough room to add the dice, since it’s more practical to add the dice and couple of cards to a box with the appropriate insert to fit two card stacks.

So we went and tested this. The dice are a bit larger than your average D6, but if you pile the deck so that one side of the box is as full as it will go, leaving just a few cards in the other half, there is enough height there to hold the dice on top of the smaller pile. Basically, yes, it’s possible, you just have to adjust the heights of the card stacks to make room on one side for the dice.

Q: Meta Rules says they are played at the beginning of a game. Do you pull those out and deal separately?

A: You may notice that Meta-Rules have different backs from the rest of the cards. They are meant to not be shuffled into the deck at all, and the different back facilitates finding and pulling them if you accidentally shuffle them in. You just decide at the beginning of the game whether you want to play by those permanent rules or not. It’s like they are a house rule which all players decide on before starting.

This page has a short list and descriptions of all the MetaRules, with a little commentary.

Q: If Play All But 1 is in effect, and there’s something that requires me to increase my plays, do I end up playing all?

The Computer promo card, or Batcomputer in Batman Fluxx, for example, increases both your Play and your Draw by 1. So does the Rich Bonus. Play 1 extra doesn’t affect Play All, so why would it affect Play All But 1?

A: Play All But 1 isn’t the same as Play All: when you Play All But 1, you do have 1 card remaining, so when you are then required to play +1 cards, you do have one left to play, so you must play it.

You need to take Play All But 1 as a unit into consideration: you can’t just break out the Play All, and apply the effects of the Computer, and then apply the …But 1 part.

Note that since the effects of the Computer are not optional, you have to do it, whether you like it or not. Other similar effects may be optional, so always check on that. It’s pretty easy to see whether something says you “may” do it, or if it just happens.