Q: If there is a Rule (or Keeper) in play that adds to the Draw/Play, and then I increase the Draw/Play, does that added Draw/Play count against the new Draw/Play total?

The situation was there was a Rule in place that required us to draw an extra card and play an extra card. On the second play, a draw 4 rule was implemented, which increased the Draw from 1 to 4. There was a disagreement as to whether the extra draw counted towards the new Draw total. Should I have gotten to draw 3 extra, as if I’d increased from 1 to 4, or would it only be 2 extra, since I’d drawn 1 plus the extra draw?

A: Essentially, when you have a Rule in play that changes the draw and play by a formula (you get 1 extra draw and 1 extra play per turn, for example) that formula is still in effect on the increased Draw.

If you had Draw 1 and increased to Draw 4, then you draw 3 more cards.
If you had Draw 1 (+ 1) and increased to Draw 4 (+ 1), then you draw 3 more cards.
You can see how that formulaic increase does not affect the number of cards you’ll get to draw on an increase of the base Draw Rule.

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