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Got a Fluxx question? Well, there are a lot of Fluxxen. If you don’t see your question answered among these, please email us at FAQ@looneylabs.com

All Fluxx FAQ
These are questions about issues common to ALL versions of Fluxx (except the board game, maybe) so if your question is specific to a certain themed version, look on the page for that version (see list below).

Fluxx (unthemed versions)
These questions apply to “unthemed” or “original” Fluxx versions – you know – the ones with Keepers like Milk, Cookies, The Sun, The Moon, Time, Money, etc. These would be, specifically:
Fluxx 5.0, 3.x, 2.x, 1.0, SE (“Special Edition”) and Fluxx Español.
Fluxx 4.0 (and decks with the Creeper Pack added)
Fluxx Remixx

… and the rest:
Oz Fluxx
Star Fluxx
Pirate Fluxx
Marvel Fluxx
Fantasy Fluxx
Cthulhu Fluxx
Firefly™ Fluxx
Batman™ Fluxx
Star Trek Fluxxen
Doctor Who Fluxx
SpongeBob Fluxx
Monty Python Fluxx
CN™ Licensed Fluxxen

Fluxx: the Board Game

Martian Fluxx
Monster Fluxx
Astronomy Fluxx
Anatomy Fluxx
Math Fluxx
Chemistry Fluxx
Nature / EcoFluxx
Olympus Fluxx
Zombie Fluxx
Jumanji Fluxx
Fairy Tale Fluxx
Holiday Fluxx
Family Fluxx
Wonderland Fluxx

And, last but not least, maybe you have a question about a promo card or expansion.