Q: In Monty Python Fluxx, I didn’t understand references [A B C] which are definitely not in Holy Grail, and yet you left out references [X Y Z] from the movie?

A: Good questions! MOST of the references in Monty Python Fluxx are from the movie Holy Grail, but there are a few from the sketch TV show and the other movies.

These are (mostly) well worth looking up if you like Monty Python:

Keepers and Creepers:

The parrot is from the “Dead Parrot” sketch (famous quotables “ ‘E’s not dead. ‘E’s just resting!” and “ ‘E’s pining for the fjords!”)

The Spanish Inquisition is from the “Spanish Inquisition” sketch
(famous quotables “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!” and “Not… the comfy chair!”)

The Foot and the Naked Organist each appear briefly in one of the most common versions of the opening credits for the shows.

The Grim Reaper is from the last sketch at the end of the movie Meaning of Life (famous sort-of-quote “It was the salmon mousse!”)

Actions and New Rules:

The Cheese Shop references the “Cheese Shop” sketch where the notable characteristic of said shop is that they don’t actually have anything in stock, and certainly not any cheese.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life references the song at the end of the movie Life of Brian

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink is from the sketch, presumably of the same name. That is the main quote. Definitely watch it to get the punchline to see if you “Know what [he] means” when the card comes up in the game!

Hovercraft Eels is from a slightly more obscure sketch about a very bad translation book.

My Brain Hurts (and the accompanying character saying that line) were sometimes flashed randomly in the sketch show.

Too Silly is from the show which includes sketches being shut down by some sort of anti-silly police, much like the Spanish Inquisition busts into other sketches within its episode.


As for why we didn’t include references to [whatever bit you think is missing from the game] there’s just SO MUCH from the Holy Grail that we couldn’t put it all in. We do get people sad that those are not in there, but we had to make some tough decisions about what worked best to mix with the other cards, given that we had a limited deck size.

Note that if you’re missing The Black Knight or the very insulting French Knight we have some expansions for those!