Q: I bought a replacement Fluxx deck for an older one which was lost, and the cards feel flimsy, not like “real” cardstock. What’s going on?

…They stand out from the other cards when I mix them with other decks, which is a problem for gameplay. Did I get knock-off version of one of your games, or is this just the way they are now?

A: We’ve used various cardstocks over the years, and they do have different feels to them. With the exception of promo cards and some of the decks made for the mass-market, they are all “real” playing card stock, which, to us, means that they have an opaque layer between the front and back so that you can’t identify a given card from the back, even if it’s backlit. (You can see this layer if you rip a card so that the interior is exposed… not that we want you to destroy a deck card to observe this!)

That said, yes, they probably feel slightly more flimsy than the much older decks. While feel should not affect visibility in the stacked deck, it would be an indicator of the slightly different cardstock. Another very likely reason you might see a difference in edge color between older and newer decks is probably simply that the older deck has picked up some dirt from use over the years (we would assume the older deck has slightly darker edged cards). This is certainly true of our demo copies, and you might have that problem even if we were still using the same cardstock as we were ten years ago.

We do apologize for changes, but we would hope that when you mix together two entire decks, knowing that a given card is in one or the other isn’t going to give you very much information that affects gameplay, since each deck is sufficiently large that it’s not as though you know exactly which card is coming to you. If it seriously bothers you, we suppose you could put them all in card sleeves (though that’s not for everyone).

It’s quite unlikely that you have a knockoff printing, but it’s true that the cards feel a little less stiff nowadays than in some older editions, as we have had to change cardstock over the years. They should hold up to wear just as well.

We hope that the changes in card feel do not disappoint you so much that you stop playing.