Q: We noticed that in some places, Zendo is listed as playable with just 2 people? Where can we find the instructions for that?

A: Yes, we had previously listed Zendo as needing a minimum of 3 players, but when we came out with the second standalone box set, we worked out some ways to play with just two people. Eventually we hope to update those older online references. In the meantime… you can find those instructions HERE!


Zendo was originally designed for three or more people, but there are a couple of ways to play with just two.

Puzzle Mode:
This option is basically assisted solitaire. One player simply serves as the moderator for the other, marking new structures when called upon, and building counter-examples as needed when guesses are made. There is no need for guessing tokens or quizzes.

Head-to-Head: If you’re feeling competitive, players can alternate roles and compare scores. A game will consist of two rounds, with each player solving once and moderating once. After each round, the player will receive a score, based on how long it took them to guess the rule. The player with the lower score wins!

Score: Your score will be the total number of structures on the table at the end, with additional points added for any structures that were broken down during the game. You also receive two extra points each time you guess and are incorrect. Guessing tokens are used to track extra points for incorrect guesses and dissolved structures. There is no need for quizzes, so guessing stones will not be used for any other purpose. Be sure to make a note of the first player’s score before starting the second puzzle.

Equal Difficulty: Before starting a head-to-head match, players must agree on the difficulty level of the rules they will be using. If the players choose to create their own rules rather than using the cards, they must still attempt to scale the difficulty level of their rules to match the challenge they agree upon.