Q: If I get the Pyramid Zendo cards, will I be able to play Zendo with my Pyramid Arcade set?

A: Well, sort of. The trick is piece supply. The reason we didn’t feature Zendo in PA is that the piece mix is optimized for games that need a lot of colors, but only a few trios of each, whereas for Zendo you need lots of the same pieces in just a few colors, hence the standalone version’s inclusion of just 3 colors.

The new cards are designed to be as flexible as possible with regards to color, since we can’t know what particular colors you might have in your collection of pyramids, but it still considers just red, yellow, and blue, and plenty of them, to be the best set of equipment. That said, many rules don’t use color at all, and these cards certainly work with the PA set.

If you pick up a Homeworlds set to add to you your Pyramid Arcade set, you will have 6 trees each of red, yellow, and blue which is a great set of pyramids for playing Zendo.