Q: Why doesn’t this promo card/expansion pack match my deck perfectly?

…It’s not the same [card size, corner radius, thickness, coating, cardstock] as the deck I’m adding it to…

A: We’ve made a lot of card games in the last 25 years, and we’ve worked with a bunch of different printing companies, both in the states and all around the world. We always seek to have new cards match our established standards, in terms of size and corner radius, but sometimes what we get is ever-so-slightly different. Yes, we’ve been known to reject an entire print-run because of the card size being unacceptably, but we’ve also learned to let it go when the tolerances are close enough.

We certainly understand how important it is for extra cards to blend in as seamlessly as possible with the rest of the deck they’ve been added to, but even when the cards are a perfect match, the edges of a new card will be visually noticeable when inserted into a used deck, just because of the differences caused by wear. There’s only so much we can

So, while we’ve made every effort we can to make things match, you might run into a case where they don’t. If that happens, we encourage you to remember that it’s just a game, if you can tell that a certain card is coming up soon, just ignore it. And if it does matter, like if you’re using Fluxx to settle a high stakes score (sure, it could happen) then we recommend using card sleeves.