Q: Can I use Recycling to get rid of a Keeper with attached Creeper, thereby ridding myself of the Creeper?

A: Recycling is a perfectly good way to get rid of an attached Creeper. Doing something to get rid of the Keeper is intended to be a way to get rid of attaching Creepers: trash it, shoot it with a laser gun, exchange it, or… recycle it.

For example, even though Exchange Keepers doesn’t specifically mention Creepers, you could get rid of your attached Creeper by exchanging the Keeper to some other player. (And keep in mind, if you wanted to Trash Something, if you trash a Creeper which is attached to a Keeper… the Keeper will be destroyed too, as they stay together into the discard pile.)

“Oh, this thing is messed up and useless to me now. In fact, it’s a hindrance!… I don’t want it anymore. But look! At least I can recycle it!”