Q: Can I buy your pyramids in custom quantities?

A: Short answer: No.

Our pyramids are made in a “family mold” which means one of each size at a time, and in the specific quantities needed for each set, so we can’t sell uneven quantities of sizes or colors, or our stock would get all out of whack. Also, they’re made for the express purpose of putting them in our products, so we don’t just have a bunch of them lying around loose as “extras” to sell. We have smaller expansion sets for Pyramid Arcade (Nomids, Ice Duo, Martian Chess, and Homeworlds) for those who want to expand their pyramid collection incrementally, but it’s still the case that we’re not going to want to open those up and mix and match them for people.

If you’re looking to use our pyramids in a game you’re developing, the answer is NO, see this FAQ for more info:
Can I use your pyramids in my game?