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Q: I’ve designed a great new version of Fluxx! Can I get Looney Labs to publish it?

A: If you think your deck idea is so good we might want to publish it ourselves, you are welcome to submit it to us. But please understand that we will need for you to grant Looney Labs permission to use your ideas for free before we can even look at them.

Andy already has more unpublished Fluxx decks designed than we have in print, and chances are very good that he’s already thought of whatever it is you’ve come up with. Given this, we can’t risk opening ourselves up to claims that we stole ideas from you if we subsequently publish something that seems similar to an idea you suggested.

You are always welcomed to make one copy for yourself. But just one:
See: Can I make copies of my home-brewed Fluxx deck…

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Q: Is there really a Star Wars version of Fluxx?

A: Yes, but only in Russian. The Russian publisher who licensed Fluxx from us has the license to make games with the Star Wars assets… but that is much harder to come by in the US, so there is little hope of our getting it. We have not been able to get any copies of the Russian version to sell in our webstore, but some fans have had success from here:

Here is the Google-translated-into-English version

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Q: Are you going to make a Rick & Morty Fluxx?

A: Andy is a big fan of Rick & Morty, so he loves this idea. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. Our 3-year license agreement with Cartoon Network has run its course, so we won’t be making any new games with Cartoon Network branding anytime in the foreseeable future. In a related story, Cartoon Network Fluxx, Adventure Time Fluxx, and Regular Show Fluxx have all now gone into the Vault.

However! Like Star Wars Fluxx, one of our international licensees has the license to produce Rick and Morty games, and Andy is designing it for translation into… Polish. So there will be a version, but it will only be in Polish.

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Q: What’s the word on an Android version of the Fluxx app?

A: We would love to have an Android version of Fluxx as well. Unfortunately, the plans to make that happen fell through, and at this point we would have to completely start over with a new programming partner, which is something we just don’t have the bandwidth for at this time. We are hoping to have more fun and exciting apps for both iOS and Android in the future, but we can’t say exactly what or when at this point.

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Q: The iOS version of Fluxx is not compatible with the current iOS! Are you guys working on that?

A: Looney Labs did not do the software for the iOS version. We worked with a company called Playdek, and it is their decision not to update the app for the new iOS.

We will probably pursue a new app at some point, but it’s a pretty big undertaking, and we’re ridiculously busy, so, unfortunately, we do not have a timeline on that at this point.

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