Drinking Fluxx FAQ

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Q: If I’m drawing multiple cards on my turn, and I draw a Creeper that makes me win, do I have to finish drawing the rest of the cards for my turn?

A: Yes, you must finish drawing the rest of your cards for your turn – you might draw another Creeper which would prevent your win. You must accept any and ALL Creepers acquired during your initial Draw phase before assessing win conditions.

Consider the initial Draw phase to be all one simultaneous thing. Think of it this way: not everyone draws one… card… at… a… time. Some grab the total number for the Draw, add them to their hand, then deal with Creepers at that time, putting them immediately into play, and drawing to replace. Differences in draw style should not affect the outcome of the game.

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Q: If Double Vision is in play with the Basic Rules, and the Draw rule is increased, does the active player get to draw additional cards?

A: If Double Vision is in play with Draw 1, making players Draw 2 instead, and then someone plays Draw 2, the draw rule has gone from “Draw 2” to “Draw 2” so no additional cards should be drawn.

Here is another example: when going from Draw 1 + Double Vision (= Draw 2) to Draw 4, the player has already drawn 2 on their turn, and would need to draw 2 more to make their total drawn 4.

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Q: If I have a Creeper needed to win, and I also have other Creepers not mentioned on the Goal, can I win?

A: No, you cannot. In most cases, if you have a Creeper not mentioned on the Goal you are trying to win with, then it prevents you from winning.

The exception could be considered to be Batman Fluxx, where, if you are winning with ANY Goal which requires a specific Villain (the Creepers of the Batman version) then no Villain prevents your win. You are considered to be “on the side of the bad guys” for that win. Batman Fluxx is also an exception in that, if the Goal does NOT require a Villain, then Villains ANYWHERE (in front of ANY player) will prevent the win.

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Q: If I decide to use Swap Plays For Draws, or Get On With It, and I draw Creepers during the execution of that option, can I ditch them immediately if conditions allow it?

…For example, in Stoner Fluxx, the Mooch can be given away to another player who has Weed, or Munchies can be trashed by “eating” any food Keeper on the table.

A: Unfortunately, no, you’re stuck with those. The Free Action associated with those New Rules is considered to be simultaneous with your turn ending immediately, which means that Creeper giveaways or discards which can only happen on your turn cannot be executed, even if conditions allow it.

Creepers with potentially immediate “on your turn” disposal include:

Shackles (Pirate Fluxx): On your turn, you can discard this along with one of your Booty Keepers in play (yes, it has to be yours).
Mooch (Stoner Fluxx: On your turn, you can give this away to another player who has Weed in play.
Munchies (Stoner Fluxx): On your turn, you can discard this by discarding ANY Food Keeper in play (yes, you can discard someone else’s Food).
Hangover (Drinking Fluxx): During your turn, you can give this away to anyone who has more Drink Keepers in play than you.
Party Foul (Drinking Fluxx): During your turn, you can discard this if you also discard one of your Drink Keepers in play (yes, it has to be yours).
The Master (Doctor Who Fluxx): During your turn, you can give this to anyone with the Doctor.
Dalek (Doctor Who Fluxx): During your turn, you can discard both this and any Doctor in play.
Weeping Angel (Doctor Who Fluxx): During your turn, you can give this to any player with the TARDIS.

Note that the following Creeper situations are instantaneous and do NOT depend on it being your turn:

Taxes (4.0 or Creeper Pack): If you have Money on the table, discard both that and this.
Drought (Eco/Nature Fluxx): Discard this if either Flood or Water is anywhere in play.
Zombie Repellent (Zombie Fluxx): This Keeper prevents you from ever having Zombies, deflecting them immediately away to another player.

There are several other Creepers which can only be discarded if you’ve had them since your last turn, or have them at the beginning of your turn, so this question will obviously not apply to those as well.

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Q: If someone is made to Switch To Water, how long does that last?

… Also, sometimes it comes up early in the game, and someone is stuck not getting to drink for quite a while until the game ends.

A: Switch To Water is mostly meant to be a way to make someone slow down their drinking for a bit if they’re getting a little too drunk. When to have that person stop drinking water instead of alcohol, or even whether to apply it in the first place can be considered subject to group consensus.

The card says “If anyone feels that a player is ’too drunk,’ that player must switch to drinking water” (emphasis added), so if it comes up early in the game, you don’t have to make anyone switch to water at all, if nobody is really very drunk.

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Q: How do I handle Creepers which are dealt to me at the beginning of the game?

A: Some versions of the rules deal with this explicitly, and some don’t, so we’re answering this here in the FAQ, just in case there is any confusion.

Creepers may not be held in your hand, so if you get a Creeper as part of your dealt hand, you put it on the table in front of you (play it pre-game, essentially) and draw to replace. If it’s another Creeper, continue until you have a starting hand containing zero Creepers.

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Q: What happens if someone picks the same word to be Forbidden as Required (or vice versa)?

A: Andy’s unofficial/official answer is that, while the rules don’t specifically disallow it, it’s highly frowned upon, and whoever does it is the winner of the “You’re a Big Jerk” award.

So, you technically CAN do it, but we’re pretty sure your friends (and your livers) will thank you if you don’t….

And think about it this way: Since everyone is going to have to drink on their turn anyway*, as a penalty for breaking either one rule or the other, both rules can effectively be ignored, and everyone just takes a drink on their turn, no matter what.

Simply ignoring both is significantly less fun than having to remember to avoid a word AND say a specific word after every sentence. So thanks, yeah, you just made the game less fun. That should be reason enough to avoid doing this, even if you think you’re terribly clever for having thought of it.

*Actually one can avoid a lot of the drinking from this situation by simply not speaking, which, again, is less fun, though there are other rules which might require speaking, like Toastmaster.

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Q: Meta Rules says they are played at the beginning of a game. Do you pull those out and deal separately?

A: You may notice that Meta-Rules have different backs from the rest of the cards. They are meant to not be shuffled into the deck at all, and the different back facilitates finding and pulling them if you accidentally shuffle them in. You just decide at the beginning of the game whether you want to play by those permanent rules or not. It’s like they are a house rule which all players decide on before starting.

This page has a short list and descriptions of all the MetaRules, with a little commentary.

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Q: Could you clarify how many cards we can eliminate with Let’s Simplify? What does “up to half (rounded up)” mean?

A: The wording on Let’s Simplify is as clear as we could make it. If we had said that you may discard up to half of the New Rules in play, and there were an odd number (for example, five of them) you wouldn’t know whether you should round up or down. But we tell you that you should ROUND UP when figuring out what “half” is, so in this example, you know you can discard up to three.

Of course, you may discard up to half – you don’t have to discard three; you could choose to discard just one or two, or even zero if you want. Those numbers are all less than “half (rounded up) of five”.

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Q: There are some cards which make Inflation extra confusing. How do we do the math on those?

A: We’d consider any cards which change the meaning of numerals on a card to be mutually exclusive to each other. Only one of them can be in play at a time, so if one is out, and someone plays a different one, the previous one would be discarded.

Inflation (Fluxx 5.0)(also available as a promo card)
Double Vision (Fluxx Remixx, Drinking Fluxx, More Rules promo pack)
One, Two, Five! (Monty Python Fluxx)
Increment All (Math Fluxx)
Mathematical! (Adventure Time Fluxx)

Note that you’ll find almost all of these (except for 1,2,5) on the same line in the Fluxx card comparison spreadsheet, since we consider these to be kind of variations on Inflation.

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Q: What do I do if I draw a Creeper because of an Action?

A: If a Creeper is drawn by the active player, they must take the Creeper (play it in front of themselves) and draw to replace, such that all the cards they have drawn for whatever the Action indicates will contain no Creepers.

For example, if I play Everybody Gets One, then I, as the active player, am the one drawing cards. As such, I have to take all the Creepers I draw, redrawing until I’m holding enough non-Creeper cards to give 1 to each player including myself. In a deck with a lot of Creepers, anything that makes you draw cards is a liability!

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Q: If the rules are Draw 1, and I draw three Creepers in a row, how many cards do I redraw?

…I say it’s just one card, but my husband says it should be three, since three Creepers were drawn. Who is right?

A: For practical purposes, you are correct. If you have laid down three Creepers in a row like that, you are left needing to draw 1. After your draw phase, you should end up having drawn just 1 non-Creeper for your Draw 1.

If anyone is having a hard time wrapping their head around why this is, here’s a blow-by-blow description of what happens when you draw three Creepers in a row while trying to Draw 1.

You Draw 1. It’s a Creeper.
It goes in front of you, and you draw to replace it, hoping for a non-Creeper to satisfy the current Draw rule.
Your “draw to replace” is… a second Creeper.
It goes in front of you with the first, and you draw to replace it, hoping for a non-Creeper to satisfy the current Draw rule.
Your “draw to replace” is… a third Creeper.
It goes in front of you, and you draw to replace it, hoping for a non-Creeper to satisfy the current Draw rule.
Your “draw to replace” is… finally a non-Creeper, which you add to your hand, and you have successfully followed the current Draw rule, which is Draw 1.

As you can see, in some ways, your husband is right… but the thing is, the three cards that were “drawn to replace” did happen… they’re just over as soon as you draw 1 non-Creeper.

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Q: If I have specific Creepers required for a Goal, but I also have other Creepers, can I still win with that goal?

A: In the vast majority of cases, you cannot win if you have Creepers not specifically required by the goal.

• Do your extraneous Creepers say that they keep you from winning? (Almost all Creepers do, but if they don’t then go for it.)
• Is there a Rule in play that lets you win even if you have Creepers? (There are a couple of these, depending on which versions you have.)
• In Batman Fluxx, if the Goal requires a Villain, Villains don’t prevent you from winning. However, if the Goal does NOT require a Villain, then Villains ANYWHERE prevent you from winning.
• In Nature Fluxx (aka EcoFluxx) all Creepers prevent everyone from winning, regardless of who has them.

See also: The… Goal requires a Keeper and either of two Creepers…

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Q: If Inflation is played as one of the cards during the Action Draw 3 Play 2 Of Them, does it apply to the Action in progress?

A: Yes. Since everything happens instantly in Fluxx, Draw 3 Play 2 Of Them (D3P2) suddenly becomes Draw 4 Play 3 Of Them (D4P3, if you will). The player should immediately draw an extra card and add it to the remainder of the cards being chosen from (the mini hand for the Action, not the set-aside main hand). It’s kind of like if you’d only drawn 2 cards instead of the 3 you were supposed to, realizing the mistake after playing one of them, and drawing the extra card you need at that point.

Of course, your regular hand will also need an extra card, since the Draw Rule itself has also incremented. You could do that at the time you’re executing your D3P2 by drawing a card and adding it to your set-aside hand, or you could catch up with that when you pick your regular hand back up again after the action. Note you’ll also have an extra Play to execute as well.

Star Trek Fluxx includes Fizzbin, which is similar to D3P2/D2UE. If Inflation was played as part of Fizzbin, all numbers would need to be increased, so you’d draw an extra card from the draw pile, and take an extra card from your neighbor. You should then reshuffle your temporary Fizzbin hand and continue.

Adventure Time includes the Inflation analogue, Mathematical! Inflation is also available as a promo card to add to any Fluxx deck.

Math Fluxx includes a card called Increment All, which is similar to Inflation except it only affects Actions and New Rules.

Drinking Fluxx includes a card called Double Vision, which is similar to Inflation, but only changes 1 to 2, without affecting any higher numbers, so actually, it won’t affect Draw 3 Play 2, but it’s worth noting.

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Q: Can I apply cards that work on Keepers to Creepers as well?

For example, in Monty Python Fluxx, if I play Steal a Keeper, am I allowed to steal a Creeper instead?
Does a Keeper Limit allow me to discard creepers?

A: Keeper means Keeper, not Creeper. That’s why we changed the wording on “Trash a Keeper” to “Trash Something” so that it could mean both. But for “Steal a Keeper” it’s still just Keepers. Same with Exchange Keepers. It only applies to Keepers.

(I [Alison] wanted to name it “Trash a -eeper” but for some reason that didn’t fly.)

There is no limit to the number of Creepers you can have in front of you.

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