Q: What the heck is this “MetaRule” thing sometimes mentioned? I’ve never seen one…

A: Only a few MetaRules occur in the entire Fluxx system. Here’s how they work: a MetaRule is like a standing house rule that all players can decide to use for the duration of the entire game. These have an orange stripe, and the Basic Rules card that comes with every deck was deemed to fall in this category. Usually only one or two would ever be included in a given deck, since they essentially represent alternate ways the game can be played. Here is a run-down of those that have ever existed, both in and out of print.

Time Limit (Martian Fluxx, More Rules Pack): Play until a hidden timer runs out, and see who’s closest to winning
Cult Clash (Cthulhu Fluxx): Specifies a definitive winner for Cthulhu Fluxx if an Ungoal ends the game (good for tournaments)
Fluxx Dice (Fluxx Dice expansion): Starts the game with the Dice Override Rule in play as the default state
Goal Foundry (Goal Foundry expansion pack): Like Goal Mill made permanent
Math Rules (Math Fluxx 2.0): If you fulfill a Goal without using Math, you do not win the game; instead, you draw 3 cards, and discard the Goal from play
Keep Going (Math Fluxx 2.0, More Rules Pack): Meeting a Goal does not win you the game, instead you collect it and keep playing
Learning Mode (Anatomy Fluxx): One of the two educational Rules (Knowledge Bonus or Name That Organ) must be in play at all times.
5 Card Mission (DS9 Fluxx, Bridge Pack): You may discard 4 Goals to draw 5 new cards which must be used immediately, in any order
Jumanji! (Jumanji Fluxx): Your win is not official until you shout “Jumanji!”
No More Lives (Jumanji Fluxx): This MetaRule comes into play when the draw pile runs out; after that point, eliminations are permanent
Combined Decks (Archer Expansion, More Rules Pack): Gives guidelines for combining multiple decks
Drinking Rules (Drinking Fluxx): Outlines the rules for drinking

Out of print:

Rules Escalation (early printings of Fluxx 4.0): Increases Basic Rules Draw & Play # when the discard pile is shuffled
No Creepers (later printings of Fluxx 4.0): Designates a game played without the four Creepers in the deck
Plan B (Math Fluxx 1.0): Requires there be one form of mathematical win available at all times
Plan C (Math Fluxx 1.0): Makes all forms of mathematical wins available at all times as the ONLY way to win the game.

You might have heard of a handful of others because when Andy invented the card type, he discussed it in one of his blog posts, where he proposed some possible sample MetaRules, which were shown as graphics, but have never actually been printed.