Q: If I play Strange Aeons when Cosmic Instructions is already in play, do I get to draw the bonus cards for putting Cosmic Instructions into play “again”?

Just to clarify: Strange Aeons has you look everywhere (people’s hands, discard pile, draw deck) for the two New Rules cards Cosmic Instructions and The Stars Are Right, and put them into play. Cosmic Instructions further says that whoever puts it into play gets to immediately draw 3 extra cards.

A: No, if Cosmic Instructions is already in play when you play Strange Aeons, you’re not putting it into play “again”. It’s just already in play, that half of the effects of Strange Aeons would simply do nothing. In fact, if both Cosmic Instructions AND The Stars Are Right are already in play, Strange Aeons would have no effect at all.

Q: If the Necronomicon has been distributed by Dreams & Omens, can it be found with Grand Theft Biblio?

Similarly, can a face down Cosmic Instructions or The Stars are Right be found by Strange Aeons?

A: You would get to look in all of the places mentioned (people’s hands*, the draw pile, and the discard pile) for the pertinent item/s, and, if you did not find them, you’d just have to conclude that they were one of those face-down cards*. Since that is not called out as a location you can recover a card from, you are not allowed to look at or take one of those face-down cards. They’re sort of in their own separate world outside reality, aren’t they? Very Lovecraftian.

*If someone tried to get sneaky and lie about having one of those cards in their hand, figuring it would be concluded that the card sought was face down, remember that everyone will see those face down cards as they come into play, so if the card DOESN’T come up, then somebody was cheating… or you’re missing a card in your deck. Contact us, and we’ll replace it.

Q: Do I get to draw extra if Cosmic Instructions comes up and is put into play a second time in the game?

Cosmic Instructions says one gets to draw extra when the card is “first put into play”. Does that mean that if it comes up again in the game, the person playing it doesn’t get to draw those extra cards?

A: In consultation with Andy, we concluded that the word “first” is redundant and unnecessary. Just pretend it’s not there. What is meant is that when the card is put into play (from a state of not previously having been in play) this special action is invoked. So yes, if Cosmic Instructions is trashed via Rules Reset or some other card, and later finds its way into someone’s hand and they play it again (or is pulled via Strange Aeons), the person playing it gets to draw the extra three cards.

Q: What happens when you are required to draw more cards in the middle of performing an Action like Draw 3 Play 2?

For example, suppose we are at Draw 1 and I play Draw 5 as the first of my Draw 3 Play 2 cards. I’d need to immediately Draw more cards, right? So Where do they go? Should I put the extra cards in my original hand or in the side hand I’m using for the “Draw 3 Play 2” card?

A: New cards would be added to your set-aside hand in this case. Since you’d already drawn 1 new card at the start of your turn, you’d need to Draw 4 more and add them to your set-aside hand. It’s OK to look at them as you do — in fact, you need to, since you’d need to play and redraw any Creepers that came up in those 4 cards.

Similarly, if you played Jackpot! you’d add the new cards to your set-aside hand, and if you played Discard and Draw, it would be your set aside hand that you’d throw away and replace. If you played Rotate Hands, it would be your set-aside hand that you rotated.

Note that this ruling will also apply to Draw 2 and Use ‘Em (D2UE) and Fizzbin.