Q: If the Necronomicon has been distributed by Dreams & Omens, can it be found with Grand Theft Biblio?

Similarly, can a face down Cosmic Instructions or The Stars are Right be found by Strange Aeons?

A: You would get to look in all of the places mentioned (people’s hands*, the draw pile, and the discard pile) for the pertinent item/s, and, if you did not find them, you’d just have to conclude that they were one of those face-down cards*. Since that is not called out as a location you can recover a card from, you are not allowed to look at or take one of those face-down cards. They’re sort of in their own separate world outside reality, aren’t they? Very Lovecraftian.

*If someone tried to get sneaky and lie about having one of those cards in their hand, figuring it would be concluded that the card sought was face down, remember that everyone will see those face down cards as they come into play, so if the card DOESN’T come up, then somebody was cheating… or you’re missing a card in your deck. Contact us, and we’ll replace it.