Q: What size are Fluxx cards? (or any of your other games?)

A: Most of our card games have the same size cards, a slightly narrower type many would call “bridge sized” though that’s not a precise category. The card size (roughly, using a ruler) is: 3 & 7/16″ (8.75 cm) tall by 2 & 13/64″ (5.6 cm) wide.

This is for Fluxx, Chrononauts, Just Desserts, Loonacy, Are You A Werewolf (current printing), Are You The Traitor.
I could swear Choose One cards are just a hair wider on the short side, but they’re VERY close.

Aquarius (and original-style Nanofictionary) are 3 & 31.64″ (8.85 cm) tall by 2 & 1/2″ (6.3 cm) wide. Current Nano is the same size as Fluxx etc.

See also: What size are the cards in Pyramid Arcade?

If we’ve missed a game card size you’re looking for email us at QA@looneylabs.com