Q: What size are Fluxx cards? (or any of your other games?)

A: Most of our card games have the same size cards, a slightly narrower type many would call “bridge sized” though that’s not a precise category. The card size (roughly, using a ruler) is: 3 & 7/16″ (8.75 cm) tall by 2 & 13/64″ (5.6 cm) wide.

This is for Fluxx, Chrononauts, Just Desserts, Loonacy, Are You A Werewolf (current printing), Are You The Traitor.
I could swear Choose One cards are just a hair wider on the short side, but they’re VERY close.

Aquarius (and original-style Nanofictionary) are 3 & 31/64″ (8.85 cm) tall by 2 & 1/2″ (6.3 cm) wide. Current Nano is the same size as Fluxx etc.

Zendo cards are the same size as the Pyramid Arcade deck, which is aaaalllmmost the same size as Aquarius cards. But not quite.

See also: What size are the cards in Pyramid Arcade?

If we’ve missed a game card size you’re looking for email us at QA@looneylabs.com