Q: Who prints your promo cards, and is it done in the US?

A: Our US printer, DeLano, who prints our larger runs of card games also does most of the packets and expansions. If there are very old packets and expansions in our stock, they might have been done by our previous printer, Carta Mundi. They’re a Belgian company, but they have printing facilities here in the US.

For loose promo cards, smaller runs of packs, and Custom Loonacy, we use a print-on-demand printer called The Game Crafter. In the “olden days” we used a very local printer for the b&w art cards, and I’m sure some of those are still in inventory and being sold in the webstore. They’re almost literally down the street from us.

The peel-off promo-postcards were done by a company called Membership Cards Only. (I know, I know, “But those aren’t membership cards!” Hahahahah!). We no longer make those kinds of promo cards, though they were an interesting way to get out the word about new games.