Q: How do Creepers and Marceline interact with the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant promo?

We were playing with this deck tonight and I used the bonus card Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant (APTWE). The APTWE says “If any two players each have a Keeper needed to win by the current Goal, the game ends with both players being the winners. If not, draw 2 cards.” I had one Keeper for the Goal and my wife had the other Keeper, along with the Marceline Keeper that says “Creepers do not prevent you from winning.” We both had Creepers in front of us.

I said we both won as Marceline negates the Creepers played. My son says only my wife did because she had the card and it only applies to her.

A: Well, we debated for quite a while about this. We could see either of these arguments making sense, but in the end, we came to the same conclusion you did (you both win because Marceline negates Creepers). Keep in mind, however, that if Marceline was not in play, and only one of you had a Creeper, neither of you would win. It’s all or nothing with the APTWE.

The way we see it is that the two players are essentially merging into one, à la the two-headed elephant of the card title. So their Keeper set merges, and so do their Creepers. So, for example, if only one player had a Creeper, and the other one didn’t, their sets would be psychically merged, and it would be as if they were one two-headed player… who had a Creeper preventing the win. So one player’s Creeper would prevent both people from winning.

However, the same is true of Marceline’s power: when the players Keeper/Creeper sets merge, her power now extends to both people, so she neutralizes Creepers for the joined set which can then win, no matter who originally had Creepers.