Q: I think there’s an infinite loop with the Batmobile and the Batarang.

As currently printed (first printing), the Batmobile lets you take another turn if you discard it from play. The Batarang lets you pull it back into your hand to move a card from the discard to the top of the draw pile. If you use the Batarang to move the discarded Batmobile to the top of the draw pile, then you draw it again on your repeated turn. With a Play of 2 or more, you can infinitely loop this process (since you need two plays to play the Batmobile and Batarang to the table again) and with Play 3 or more, you can actually play other cards as well, infinitely extending your turn. What’s the fix for this?

A: The Batmobile should have had wording limiting the number of turns you can take in a row using it, just like the more generic Take Another Turn. We will be updating it on subsequent print runs. For now, if you have a first printing deck, please play it as though there were a limit of two turns you can take in a row using the Batmobile.