Q: What happens if someone with Taxes plays Money while Silver Lining is in play?

If the Goal is Winning The Lottery (Dreams & Money) and they have Dreams, do they win before Taxes and Money evaporate each other?

Scenario: A player who had both Dreams and Taxes played Money, and claimed they won, because the minute they played Money, the Goal was met, and, while Taxes would normally prevent the person from winning, and be discarded with the Money, because of the Silver Lining, the Goal was met, it superseded the Money and the Taxes being discarded.

The counter-argument was that the minute Money was played, both it and Taxes should have been immediately discarded, and the game continue until another goal is met. So I suppose the question is which takes priority? Meeting the goal, or following the other rules/conditions on the cards in play?

A: This was such a tricky one that Andy himself was stumped on it for a while. Here’s his answer:

If this were simply a case of card timing, I’d go with the counter-argument: events must be resolved simultaneously before concluding that someone wins, i.e. Taxes destroys Money before the Goal can be achieved.

However, this case also involves Silver Lining, and the intent of that rule is to render Creepers harmless, so with the spirit of that rule in mind, I say the player did in fact win this game.

So, henceforth you may consider that the Taxes card has additional fine print, invisible but there nonetheless, which says “You may choose not perform this discard action if the Silver Lining rule is in play.”