Q: How do I Trade or Rotate Hands, or Discard & Draw, in the middle of Draw 3 Play 2 or Draw 2 & Use Em (or Fizzbin, or Goal Bonanza)?

Suppose I play Draw 2 and Use ‘Em (D2UE) and the first of the cards I play is Draw 3 Play 2 (D3P2). From the second D3P2 set of cards, I play Trade or Rotate Hands. Which of my three “hands” would I trade – my D3P2 hand, my D2UE hand, or the original hand with which I began the turn?

A: For anything played as part of one of those Actions (D3P2, D2UE, or Fizzbin, or when executing Goal Bonanza) any things referring to “your hand” mean your set-aside “main” hand. So, you would trade or rotate your original hand away (or discard it, if playing Discard & Draw) – the one you set aside at the start of the first set-your-hand-aside Action. The hand you receive through trade or rotation, or from redrawing after discarding it, would then become your new set-aside hand, dormant until all of the D3P2/D2UE/Fizzbin/Goal Bonanza cards are fully processed.