Q: If I cause two elements to get seven panels connected, but I am neither of those, who wins?

For example, if I made Fire and Water win simultaneously, but I’m Earth.

A: That’s an interesting situation! The game could just end in a tie, if you’re okay with that, but we would keep playing until a clear winner emerges. The player who gets the next turn will clearly have an advantage, but it could go for while until one player or the other either gets 8 connections or knocks the other down to 6. It’s also possible that the game will grind to an end with the tie remaining unbroken, in which case the player who plays the last card wins.

To further clarify: If the game is called as a tie, then all players with the winning number of connections would be joint winners, while the other players would be losers. If you continue the game and run out of cards, then the winner will be the last of the two tied players who is able to play a card. In short, you cannot be a winner if your element isn’t the most connected.