Q: If I play a Goal that makes me win, but it also makes Larry or the Radioactive Potato move to me, do I win?

A: The Goal change and the Larry move are considered to be simultaneous, so we would rule that Larry/Potato blocks that win. Basically, do both of the things (play the Goal and move the Creeper) and THEN take a look at the situation to see if you win or not.

If the Potato/Larry is moving around the table preventing wins, and you play what would be the winning Goal, and it makes that Creeper move AWAY from you, you’re then YAY, but if playing the Goal makes it move ONTO you, then you’re stuck. No win. Getting the timing right to play the Goal you need is part of the challenge of having either of these on the table.

The timing puzzle is just as tricky (maybe trickier!) if You Also Need A Baked Potato is in play so that you need to get the Radioactive Potato to move ONTO you with your winning Goal play.