Q: Does Look Over There allow me to give a Zombie to every player who has the target Keepers?

The rule states “During your turn, you may move 1 of your Zombies to any player who has one of the following Keepers on the table: Brains, a Friend, Sandwiches, Coffee or Donuts.”

In other words, can I give 1 zombie to each player with the Keepers stated in the rule. So 1 zombie to each player with the stated Keepers… also one of the those players had 2 or more of those Keepers. Can I give them one for each of those Keepers?

A: This card is vastly less powerful than you think it is.

The intention of the “Look Over There!” card is that anyone who has a zombie on the table may get rid of ONE of their Zombies per turn (there is no “to each player” intended – the one zombie mentioned is the one zombie a player may move per turn). They may give that single zombie to any other player who has any of those Keepers that might attract zombies.

You may end up giving multiple zombies to the same person if they have even one of those Keepers, but it would take several turns to do so, since you only get to distract one of your zombies per turn.