Q: Surely I can win with I Alone Survived even if I have a zombie, as long as Zombies Ain’t So Bad is in play… but wait… other people’s zombies are also Not-So-Bad… Can I win?

…Here is the scenario: the Rule Zombies Ain’t So Bad is in effect, and every player has at least one zombie. The player who has the Car and no Friends plays the Goal I Alone Survived, which states that, in order to win, the player must have the Car, no Friends, and be the only player with no zombies (which is negated by the Zombies Ain’t So Bad Rule). The question is, in this situation, would the player with the Car and no Friends win, or, since Zombies Ain’t So Bad, is it fair to say that they would not be the only survivor, and the game continues?…

A: We agree with your second outcome, which is that, while Zombies Ain’t So Bad (ZASB) means your zombies don’t count, it also means that everyone else’s zombies don’t count either, and, since you all have not-so-bad zombies, you’re not really any better off than they are, and there are plenty of other survivors, so you don’t win.

BUT, this raises an even thornier question, which I brought up to Andy: Does this mean that one simply can’t win with I Alone Survived (IAS), if ZASB is in play, because everybody else is also Surviving, with their not-so-bad zombies? What if I am the only person with no zombies, and everyone else does have them? Honestly, I’m thinking that nobody would even think to question the outcome if one claimed victory in that scenario, since one is clearly meeting the stated win conditions… and yet I feel that we should address it.

Andy ruled that, in that case, you CAN claim victory with IAS, because, even if Zombies Ain’t So Bad… they’re still kind of annoying, so you really are in a superior position if you don’t have to deal with them. So if ZASB is in play, then the Goal basically becomes I Alone Remain Unpestered by Bothersome Zombies (IARUbBZ).