Q: I found reference to a deck of beginner Zendo rules sold separately, but the link to your store seems to be dead. Are those still available?

A: Those were probably the cards which were included in the original stand-alone box set. We used to sell those separately for folks who wanted them, particularly after the original stand-alone set was no longer available. Recently we published a new stand-alone version with different shapes, and a vastly improved rule-generation system in a card deck.

The old set of cards was just a handful of cards for beginners, with one rule per card. With the new set now available, we stopped selling the vastly inferior old cards intended for use with pyramids only. The new deck has several variables per card, meaning each card can generate more than one rule. Also, the old set had only beginner rules, while the new set has a range of difficulties (easy, medium, hard).

If you don’t have pyramids, and are looking to try Zendo, we encourage you to buy the new stand-alone version with the improved rule-generation deck.

If, on the other hand, you already have pyramids (at least five trios each in four colors, preferably red, yellow, green, blue), and want to try playing Zendo with pyramids… you’re in luck! For the Pyramid Quartet Kickstarter, we created a rule-generation deck in the new style, but for use with pyramids instead of the new shapes.

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