Q: Is there a solitaire version of Chrono-Trek, like there’s a solo version of Chrono and EAC?

A: No, there are significant differences between the way Chrononauts and EAC work vs. Chrono-Trek. For one thing, most of the Goals in Chrono-Trek involve Items in addition to Timeline events. Only five have no Items required (and one of those is Q, who, despite having no Items required, has a… unique win condition). Five IDs, or more like four, is not enough to play a solitaire game à la Solonauts.

There’s also the unknown factor of how a Solonauts-type game would play without Patches. In Chrono-Trek we used the model developed for Back to the Future, where the alternate event is included on the backs of the Ripplepoints. In Solonauts, Patches are one of the card types which make up the play-deck, and it’s not clear how that would affect the game.

But you’re welcomed to try to work something out yourself! Please be sure to let us and the community know if you come up with something fun!