Q: If we have Play All But 1 in effect, and someone qualifies for the Rich Bonus and they play all their cards, but their last play gets them more cards, how many cards do they play?

To refresh: the Rich Bonus lets you play 1 extra card on your turn if you have the most Keepers in play (no ties). This means, as the questioner has noted, that the person who is the “Rich” player, during Play All But 1 has the option to Play All, since Play All But 1 +1 = Play All.

In this case, the questioner’s opponent had 3 cards in hand, played 2, and then, for their third play (one extra because of the Rich Bonus) they increased the Draw, which then put cards back into their hand. The question here is… do they play until they have just one card left, because they “already used up the Rich Bonus” or do they Play All because the rules for them are still effectively Play All But 1 +1 = Play All.

A: As with other Bonuses which apply a formulaic increase to the Draw or Play rule, this is not something that can be “used up.” After much discussion between Andy and myself (Alison) The Rich Bonus should be rewritten as below. This will make it more clear that it’s a formulaic modifier to the Play rule AND is no longer optional, bringing it more in-line with other Bonus cards.

“If one player has more Keepers in play than any other player, the number of cards played by this player is increased by 1.”

So, for the purposes of this question, specifically, the Rich player would need to keep playing until they had Played All