Q: We got into a loop when we encountered the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature while executing Pandora’s Box! How do we avoid this?

…While playing Pandora’s Box and going through the Draw Pile to find 3 new rules, a friend of mine drew the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature which says that once discarded it should be placed on top of the Draw Pile, but this creates a loop. The player will have to constantly draw the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature to then discard it, place again on top of the draw pile, draw it, and discard it again in a loop.

A: Hmmm. That IS how those cards would work together. We would suggest a simple adjustment to the execution of the Pandora’s Box card:

When drawing cards to find three New Rules, take the cards you would discard (all non-Rules) and set them aside in a sort of temporary limbo discard pile. When you’ve found your three New Rules and put them in play, take all of the cards in the temporary discard and put them in the discard pile all at once, and put the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature on the top of the draw pile at that time.