Q: We got into a loop when we encountered the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature while executing Pandora’s Box! How do we avoid this?

…While playing Pandora’s Box and going through the Draw Pile to find 3 new rules, a friend of mine drew the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature which says that when discarded it should be placed on top of the Draw Pile, but this creates a loop. The player will have to constantly draw the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature to then discard it, place again on top of the draw pile, draw it, and discard it again in a loop.

A: The Cute Fuzzy Alien only needs to be placed on the top of the draw pile if it is being discarded from play. (This is explicitly stated on later printings, actually.) This is because that effect is a special power of the Cute Fuzzy Alien (CFA), and, as such, only ever happens if the Keeper goes into play. Since Pandora’s Box does not put any Keepers drawn into play, the CFA would simply go into the discard pile with the other non-Rule cards passed over in that process.