Q: We’ve discovered way to use the Batarang which effectively shuts out one’s opponent. Is there a ruling on this?

…A friend and I were playing two player Batman Fluxx. I achieved a Batarang lockout in which I would play Batarang and then use it to put a useless goal on top of the deck every turn to control my friend’s draw until I could draw the right cards to win. This is obviously terrible, though less of an issue in multi-player since you have more than just one opponent to worry about. Is there some sort of errata or something for Batarang that prevents this?

A: This is a pretty rare case that you bumped into. It only works in a 2-player game, only if the Draw rule never goes above 1, and is pretty annoying, even for the Batarang abuser unless the Play rule is more than one, involving a slow grind through the deck until you find a card that lets you win.

Frankly, if we’d realized this rather unfortunate move-loop was possible, we wouldn’t have given the Batarang this power.

Since Batman Fluxx is out of print, and we’re unlikely to be reprinting it, we can’t really plan to implement a long-term solution on a future print-run – BUT…

IF we were reprinting it, we would change its power to something completely different, both more thematically appropriate, and less broken: the Batarang is a weapon that comes back to you, so…

Once during your turn, you may put this back in your hand to discard any Creeper in play.

We encourage you to switch to that functionality, even though, since we no longer have the rights, we can’t even print an updated card for everyone.