Q: I’d like to make something with a Looney Labs logo or one of your game logos. I’m a big fan, and I want to promote you all, but is that okay with you?

A: If you only plan to make a single copy, or a few to gift to friends, then you can legally use our images without breaking copyright law. Those images are freely available on our website. We can’t officially sanction such a thing or send you the direct link to the images for silly legal reasons regarding protecting our copyrights, but we love to see what our fans produce, so please post finished pictures to the FaceBook fan pages!

If you plan to make large quantities of this item and/or sell it, we officially do not give permission for you to do that. Sorry. It’s a matter of protecting our brand and intellectual property. If we allowed all our fans to make and sell products with our logos and such on them, it would be very difficult to control the quality of the products, and people would not be able to tell what was actually a Looney Labs product vs. what was not. Also, we don’t make any of that profit for our twenty years of developing our brands.

So, we cannot give permission for any Looney Labs images to be added to any items for sale/mass produced product, nor can we give permission to mention Looney Labs or our products in any way that makes it sound like we were involved or condone such a product.

I hope this makes sense. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. And again, please do post pictures to the fan club if you end up making a personal-use version of something!