Q: In Math Fluxx 1.0, with Plan C how do we deal with the Goals Nothing, Two Pair, Binary Number, and Sequence?

…Many of these would seem to be impossible to achieve by using arithmetic. Also, what does “Special Victories do not apply to this Goal” mean on Nothing?

A: All four of these cards prove slightly problematic, which is why they were all changed/eliminated in Math Fluxx 2.0. Nothing, and Two Pair were simply eliminated, while Binary Number and Sequence were changed into Actions.

But if you’re playing with the 1.0 deck, here are the answers you’re looking for.

We’ll deal with the second part of the question first, since it helps explain the initial question, when it says “Special victories do not apply to this Goal,’ it means you can’t use math, i.e. a “special victory” rule, to get there, you can only meet the Goal in the usual way. As noted, it’s on the Nothing Goal, but we need to add that note to Two Pair, Binary Number, and Sequence.

So what do you do with these Goals if Plan C is in effect? Under Plan C, any time you meet the Goal without using math, you draw 3 cards and discard the Goal. For unusual Goals like Nothing, Two Pair, Binary Number, and Sequence, Plan C makes it impossible to actually win the game, but the “mini-victory” of getting a Jackpot and moving on still makes those cards useful.