Q: Powerhouse: I was watching the video, and it seems like you guys made a mistake. Near the end of the game, shouldn’t Kristin have been required to trigger her reactor?

Kristin plays a meltdown with the first die, so the reactor (two black pyramids) in her grid doesn’t activate. So far, so good. However, on her next turn, she still has the same reactor. Why is she allowed to “sit on it” (end her turn) without activating the reactor? The rules say that “you must Transform one” if there are two pyramids of the same size and color. If she had given a black pyramid back to Andy, he wouldn’t have been able to win with the two-die meltdown on the next turn.

A: YES, you are absolutely correct — we got our own game wrong in that video!!! OOPS!

Kristin indeed should have had to trigger that reactor and give Andy a piece, which would have kept the game going, just as you say. We just forgot!

Oh well, hopefully other players will do a better job of playing it than we did!