Q: If I was looking specifically for Rules Escalation or No Creepers, how can I tell which Fluxx 4.0 decks have which Meta Rule?

AQ: It’s pretty hard to find Fluxx 4.0 decks at this point, but if you wanted to make sure you were getting one or the other (by emailing a seller, for example), each print run has a specific number. It’s a tiny six digit number over the bar-code (not the bar-code number that’s under the bar-code, but a small number above it).

Any Fluxx 4.0 print run number 348980 and above will have No Creepers. Any 4.0 print run number below that will have Rules Escalation. The latter would still be a fun promo card to add, so I’m putting it on a list to propose making next time we print promo cards, so that will probably come back into print as a single loose promo card. No idea when, sorry. It depends when we get low on several other promo cards so we are sending a request over to our promo card printer partner.