Q: If the Shotgun is in play and the New Rule “Weapon Bonus” is also in play, would I be able to kill 2 zombies during my turn?

…as long as one of them is mine, to satisfy the Weapon Bonus limitation to only kill my own zombies?

A: If you’re asking whether, if your only Keeper is The Shotgun, can you use it as a “Weapon” for Weapon Bonus IN ADDITION TO it’s ongoing ability to kill a Creeper, the answer is NO.

The Weapon Bonus is intended to give you the ingenuity to adapt an item not normally used as a weapon. These items, marked with a “POW”, symbol are potential weapons, but not actual weapons. You’ll notice the Shotgun does NOT have this symbol, which the Weapons Bonus specifically references. That’s because the Shotgun is an actual weapon all the time.

We suppose that, technically, after firing off one round as a ranged weapon, one could use the Shotgun as a club in close combat, much as one might use the lumber… but we deemed that to be more confusing than the current situation. This way you use each Keeper power once. The Shotgun once for it’s power to shoot a Creeper, and each potential weapon (POW) Keeper once if Weapon Bonus is in play.