Q: Why doesn’t the Conceptual Artist want Coffee, since she’s in the Coffee expansion for Just Desserts??

…Also, her favorite dessert doesn’t have an icon like all of the other favorites, is this a misprint?

A: TLDR: No, those cards are not printed incorrectly, though the dessert cards might be updated in the future.

In each of the Just Desserts expansions, there is a character who does NOT actually want the featured ingredient (the Vegetarian in the Better With Bacon expansion is the other example). On their cards, naturally, you won’t find the featured ingredient listed as a component of their favorite (or in the case of the Vegetarian, that ingredient is listed – as explicitly forbidden). For this reason, their favorite is a dessert from the original deck, and not a newly-printed card in the expansion.

Because we’re not psychic enough to see the future, those expansion favorites in the original deck do not have any “favorite” indicator for the expansion because we had no idea it would end up being a favorite. On future printings we might add the “favorite” indicator – which would, no doubt, generate questions from people who do not have the expansion, wondering what this extraneous symbol means. Or we might not add it, I suppose. We could add it, and maybe put a comment about it in the FAQ on the rules sheet. Who knows?

The Conceptual Artist, being a hipster/beatnik type person who might hang around a coffeeshop (which serves plenty of items which do not themselves contain coffee) might well like Coffee Cake, which is one of those items which doesn’t contain coffee. We felt it was quite amusing (conceptually, you know) for it to be an item that’s got coffee in the title, but not the ingredients. Notice she looks quite sleepy, unlike Mr. Jitters, an equally hipster-looking type, but clearly one who loves the bean (maybe a little too much!)