Q: When a card “counts as” more than one other thing, does the person who owns it get to decide what it is at any given moment?

The promo card Fruitcake says it counts as either a Dessert, or the Gift. If Clear The Table is played, can it count as The Gift, and not be cleared? Open A Gift says that if The Gift is in play anywhere, each player may, on their turn draw and play the top card of the draw pile. Can The Fruitcake be declared to count as a Dessert only sometimes, to deprive other players of that option?

A: No, the player who owns a Keeper which can mimic more than one other Keepers does not get to choose when that card counts as one thing or the other. It has all applicable properties at all times – but it can never be more than one item at a time for purposes of meeting Goals. So the Fruitcake will always be swept from the table with all of the other foods when Clear The Table is played AND, if in play, it makes Open A Gift available to all players.

Disclaimer: All Fluxx cards, particularly promos, may have wording which is very specific to their situation, so it can be difficult to infer exactly how one card should or can be used by looking at other cards – so read each one carefully for its exact usage. Check FAQ on the Librarian, the Computer promo, the Android Doctor, the Animator, and others for more info.