Q: Is it even possible to strategize in a game like Fluxx?

A: Here at Looney Labs we acknowledge that there is a lot of randomness in Fluxx, what with the rules changing all the time, and simply by dint of it being a card game, and not knowing what will come up on your draw.

We’d all agree that it isn’t worth it to try to pursue a long-term strategy – conditions will change too quickly for early plans to come to fruition. We prefer to say that Fluxx is tactical, rather than strategic. See what rules are in play, what you have in your hand for this turn, and try to optimize your chances of winning… or minimize others’ chances.

Here is a document Andy wrote up about how to improve your chances of winning in Fluxx. It’s a little out-of date in its references to specific cards (like War, Death, & Taxes, which have been changed into Creepers, and are not currently in the basic game, for example) but the bulk of the tips are still solid:

Strategies For Winning At Fluxx