Q: How does the in-turn action of You Can’t Take This Guy From Me interact with the power of Stolen Goods?

A: Well, this is really a doozy! Just to recap, the in-turn action of You Can’t Take This Guy From Me (YCTTGFM) is to copy the power of any Keeper on the table as though you had it. The power of the Keeper Stolen Goods is to be able to forcibly trade it for any other Keeper in play (except Serenity). Let’s say it’s your opponent’s turn, and they’re trying to use YCTTGFM to copy the power of your Stolen Goods.

So, there are two ways the person using YCTTGFM might be trying to have this scenario play out:

They could be trying to use your Stolen Goods as though you had it, and were forcing Stolen Goods to be traded with themselves (or a third player). This would look like you ending up with some other player’s Keeper, either theirs or that third player’s, and whoever you were forced to trade with would end up with your Stolen Goods. It’s most likely they’d want to make you trade your Stolen Goods with them, so that they would get some benefit from the play.


They could have been trying to use Stolen Goods as though they had the Stolen Goods to give to a third player and then they’d take back the “exchanged” Keeper from the third player, leaving the third player with your Stolen Goods, and you down a Keeper?

I couldn’t figure this out on my own, so I consulted with Andy, and the correct way that should be played is the first option.