Q: Does Mal’s special ability override the specifications on the Alliance (promo) Creeper?

…Mal’s special ability is to be able to move a Creeper “to another player”, while the Alliance says it can be moved to any player with River Tam, Stolen Goods, or Serenity. My opponent used Mal to move the Alliance to me (so they could win), even though I didn’t have any of those cards. Were they allowed to do that?

A: The player with Mal can move ANY one of their Creepers to ANY other player, regardless of what other Keepers they may have. There is no restriction on that card about where Mal can move a Creeper. The note on the bottom of The Alliance Creeper is an indicator that ANYONE who has The Alliance can move it away from themselves to someone with those specific Keepers. Those Keepers are not meant to be a limit on where it can ever be moved, just on where it can be moved “for free”.