Q: Can my opponent deliberately Bump my piece in a direction that lets them Bump it again, just to move me further from my objective?

…My piece was close to one of the blocks for the current goal, so my opponent decided to Bump me because I was in his way while he was moving to the same block. Instead of Bumping me to a block not in his path, he Bumped me to the block in his path, thus Bumping me a second time when he made another move in order to get me as far away as possible from the block I was targeting.

My interpretation of the Bumping rule is to strictly move someone out of your way, not to keep Bumping them repeatedly so as to prevent them from getting closer to a certain block.

My opponent’s interpretation is that his Bumping multiple times is a strategic move and there is technically no rule stating he cannot repeatedly Bump someone in the same turn.

A: I’m afraid there is nothing in the rules that states that Bumping can only be done to “move someone out of your way.” The rules say that you can move a piece to “any unoccupied adjacent space” with no restrictions about the Bumping player’s intentions or future movements, and no restrictions on how many times you may Bump the same piece.

Notice that the rules explicitly say you can Bump your own pieces. Why would you ever want to do that? Only for strategic reasons, of course.

So yes, for strategic reasons, your opponent would naturally want to Bump you as far away from the goal you’re pursuing as possible. Sorry…