Looney Oracle FAQ

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Q: What Looney Labs games is all of the art in the Oracle from?

A: So many games…

change of plans – “they totally got away with it” from Nanofictionary
duct tape – from Nanofictionary
the unknown – “they were never seen again” from Nanofictionary
gifts – from Family & Holiday Fluxx
the hippie – from Get the MacGuffin
love – from Fluxx 5.0, rays from Fluxx SE
flowers – from Eco/Nature Fluxx, sky from packaging of Around the World Fluxx
music – from Fluxx 5.0
time – swirl from Chrononauts 1.4, clocks front to back Fluxx 5.0, SE, Oz
dreams – from Fluxx 5.0 & 4.0
pyramids – from Are You the Traitor
treasure – from Are You the Traitor
doomsday – from Get the MacGuffin
the scientist – from Star Fluxx
computers – from Star Fluxx
robots – from Are You a Robot
zombies – from Monster Fluxx
ghosts – from Monster Fluxx, background from Eco/Nature & Monster Fluxx
pirates – Old cover for Pirate Fluxx
Cthulhu – from Cthulhu Fluxx
fire – from Aquarius
water – from Aquarius
freedom – from Stoner Fluxx, background from Across America Fluxx
Athena – from Olympus Fluxx/Loonacy
Bacchus – from Olympus Fluxx/Loonacy
baggage – “switcheroo” from Get the MacGuffin
the volcano – from Jumanji Fluxx
television – from Fluxx SE & 5.0, background from Fluxx Español
coffee – from Zombie Fluxx, table from Drinking Fluxx
sandwiches – from Zombie Fluxx
pizza – from Stoner Fluxx, background starburst from Fluxx Español
cake- from Just Desserts
pie- from Just Desserts
chocolate- from Just Desserts
ice cream – from Just Desserts
mushrooms – from Eco/Nature Fluxx
the eye – from Fluxx 5.0, background Star Fluxx
the brain – from Fluxx SE
guts – composite of Anatomy Fluxx Keepers
the city – cover of the Empty City
the diner – IceTowers cover
theme park – from Across America Fluxx
New York – “statue of liberty” from Across America Fluxx
California – “golden gate bridge” from Across America Fluxx
Europe – from the cover of Around the World Fluxx
Africa – “serengeti” from Around the World Fluxx
Asia – “great wall of china” from Around the World Fluxx
the island – from Pirate Fluxx
the forest- from Camping Fluxx
the river- from Camping Fluxx
the mountain – from Camping Fluxx
the world – from Martian Fluxx, background from Star Fluxx
the sun – from Fluxx SE, background from Aquarius
the moon – from Fluxx SE, background from Aquarius
Mars – Martian, background from Star Fluxx
the universe – “galaxy” from Astronomy Fluxx
taxes – from Fluxx 5.0
secret message – from Wonderland Fluxx
time machine – “time traveler” from Star Fluxx
the gateway – from Star Trek Fluxx/Chrono-Trek, interior background from Around the World Fluxx
the train – from the Back to the Future card game
the rocket – from Fluxx SE, background from Star Fluxx
the bicycle – from Retro Loonacy
the car – from Zombie Fluxx, background from Across America Fluxx cover
the ship – “frigate” from Pirate Fluxx
the princess – from Fantasy Fluxx
the wizard – from Are You the Traitor
the elf – from Fantasy Fluxx, background from Fantasy Fluxx cover
the castle – from Fantasy Fluxx
the dungeon – from Fantasy Fluxx
the dragon – from Seven Dragons
dogs – from Family Fluxx & Oz Fluxx
cats – from Family Fluxx & Cthulhu Fluxx
dinosaurs – from Chrononauts
bears – from Eco/Nature & Across America Fluxx
penguins – from Cthulhu Fluxx, background from Around the World Fluxx
rainbows – from Seven Dragons
death – from Monty Python & Monster Fluxx
turtles – “galapagos islands” from Around the World Fluxx
candy – from Holiday Fluxx, background from Just Desserts

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Q: What’s the best way to use the Looney Oracle to choose between 3 options?

A: If you are deciding between just 2 things, you can usually just phrase the question as “should we do thing A?” but if choosing between 3 things, use just the Answer cards that say Yes, No, and Solid Maybe. Assign meanings to each: Yes = Choice A, No = Choice B, and Solid Maybe = Choice C.

Depending on the options you are choosing between, there will usually be a logical enough reason to assign Yes or No to a particular choice, with the others hopefully falling into place. If not, consider if any of the other Answer cards might make a better stand-in for the choice you are representing.

Then shuffle the answers and place them face down, and consult the Oracle just as you would for any other three possible answers.

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