Star Trek Chrono-Trek FAQ

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Q: In Star Trek Chrono-Trek, if you play Quick Trip Into the Future (or Rewind) and add that card to your hand, do you have to reveal it?
A: No. Players are on their honor not to take a Power Action if they choose not to immediately play the card they retrieved.

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Q: If you use Rewind to retrieve an Event from the discards, can you put it in your hand – and then play it (as that is mandatory) and draw to replace it?

A: Think of Events as similar to Creepers. When you draw them on your turn, you have to play them immediately, and this doesn’t count as either your Draw or your Play. So if you’ve drawn one, you get to redraw. If you acquire the card some other way that wasn’t drawing (like pulling it out of the discard pile via a Rewind), there’s no “replacement” draw you need to make.

It’s similar to this situation:
Q: When I use Zap A Card on a Creeper, do I get to put it in my hand, then play it and draw to replace it?

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Q: The Power Action ‘Invitation to Join the Q’ is weird – it only works when the game ends, and if you play it before then, it does nothing, and is discarded. Does that mean you win by having it in your hand when A1 flips, without playing it?

A: Yes, it’s a bit odd, but yes, that’s how it works. Although you’d have to assert its existence, i.e. play it, in order to claim that win. But if you have it in your hand you become eligible to play it when the game ends.

It is functionally similar to the Secret Cultist Surprise card in Cthulhu Fluxx (although, unlike the Secret Cultist, there’s no penalty for using/revealing it early). Since Chrono-games don’t have Surprises, there’s no standard framework to describe a card you can “play at any time directly after a specific play you’re reacting to (including a game-ending one)” but if you’re familiar with the Secret Cultist, that should be your frame of reference.

For those not familiar with the Secret Cultist, it is a Surprise card found only in Cthulhu Fluxx which says:
Out of turn: Reveal this card any time an Ungoal causes the game to end. You win!
During your turn: If you play this card, you are revealed as a secret cultist, and miss your next turn!

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Q: Since the Whaleships Fracture doesn’t depend on the timeline, what happens to the underlying Ripplepoint when the timeline is changed?

A: The Ripplepoint C1 is flipped whenever one of its linchpins requires it to change, regardless of whether or not the Whaleship Fracture is on top of it.

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