Solo Fluxx FAQ

Here is a link to the Solo Fluxx page, with a link to a PDF of the rules, and a chart for which cards to include for each version.

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Q: If I play Empty the Trash in a Solo Fluxx game, do I get to shuffle the Rules discard pile into its draw pile, or only my main draw pile?

A: No. If you get a card which lets you shuffle the discard into the draw pile, it does NOT apply to the Rules draw and discard.

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Q: In Solo Fluxx, if a Goal indicates a choice of several Keepers needed, must I discard all the Keepers mentioned which I have in play, or can I choose which will go towards fulfilling that Goal?

…For example, if a Goal says that three out of five Keepers shown are needed to win that Goal, and I have four of those Keepers, must I discard all four, or can I choose which three to discard, and which one I will keep in play?

A: You don’t have to discard all the Keepers mentioned, only enough to gain the Goal, so you get to pick which Keepers you will discard, and which will stay in play.

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Q: When playing Solo Fluxx, can one win a Keeper-only Goal if you also have Creepers in front of you?

A: We always try to do things in Solo Fluxx in the same way as regular Fluxx – except when they have to be different. So Creepers do all the same things they usually do.

They prevent you from winning unless the Goal says otherwise or a rule or other conditions say they don’t matter. Sometimes you might need a Creeper to win, in which case you discard it as you do with the Keepers you win with. But if you have other Creepers that stop your win — even if the Goal is one that requires other Creepers — you must deal with those other win-stoppers before you can claim that Goal.

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Q: In Solo Fluxx, if I win with a Goal that requires a Keeper, and a Creeper which is attached to some other Keeper, does the attached Keeper also have to be discarded when I claim the Goal?

A: Attaching Creepers stay with their Keepers until they reach the discard pile, so the “host” Keeper must be discarded along with its attached Creeper when you claim a Goal that needs that Creeper.

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Q: Can I win at all in Solo Fluxx if I have 2 or more creepers on play?

A: If the Goal calls for all Creepers you have in play, then yes, but, as in multi-player Fluxx, even if you need a Creeper for a Goal, if other Creepers would prevent your win, you can’t win.

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Q: In Solo Fluxx, can I Zap a New Rule card? If so, what happens to it?

A: It’s a bit tricky, but, yes, you can Zap a New Rule. This is one of those rare times in Solo Fluxx when a New Rule becomes part of your hand. You can choose to replay it as one of your Plays any time later. If it ends up being discarded, it goes back into the Rules discard pile.

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Q: Am I the only weirdo wondering about Solo Tiny Fluxx?

A: We guarantee you are absolutely not the only weirdo wondering about whether one can play Solo Fluxx using the Tiny Fluxx deck, since it isn’t in the version list.

In fact, Andy says “I did play test that, and found it kinda pointless, so we decided not list it. But it does work… in fact, it’s the most difficult version to win. I think I only got 1 point once in 5 or 6 games.”

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Q: In Solo Fluxx, if I have a Double Agenda can I win both Goals simultaneously by playing an overlapping Keeper?

…for example, Chocolate Milk & Chocolate Cookies by playing chocolate?

A: Yes! In this case, you can get Double value for a Keeper!

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