Monty Python Fluxx FAQ

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Q: Does using a special ability listed on a Keeper or Creeper count as a Play?

A: No, using any special powers or abilities listed on Keepers or Creepers does not use up one of your plays for your turn.

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Q: If I choose to Get on With It or Swap Plays for Draws, and I end up getting Creepers when I draw, can I still use Free Actions or Keeper powers to get rid of them?

A: Well you can… just not until your next turn.

When a player chooses to take either of these Free Actions, the effect is simultaneous with their turn ending immediately. Most notably, this means that if you draw any Creepers with your draws from Swap Plays or Get On With It, you’re stuck with them until your next turn, even if there are conditions which allow you to trash or give them away on your turn. Your turn ended immediately with the draw, so that window is over.

For more info on when you can do what during a Fluxx turn, see the link at the bottom of the right sidebar: Order of Events in a Fluxx Turn

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Q: If I’m drawing multiple cards on my turn, and I draw a Creeper that makes me win, do I have to finish drawing the rest of the cards for my turn?

A: Yes, you must finish drawing the rest of your cards for your turn – you might draw another Creeper which would prevent your win. You must accept any and ALL Creepers acquired during your initial Draw phase before assessing win conditions.

Consider the initial Draw phase to be all one simultaneous thing. Think of it this way: not everyone draws one… card… at… a… time. Some grab the total number for the Draw, add them to their hand, then deal with Creepers at that time, putting them immediately into play, and drawing to replace. Differences in draw style should not affect the outcome of the game.

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Q: If I have a Creeper needed to win, and I also have other Creepers not mentioned on the Goal, can I win?

A: No, you cannot. In most cases, if you have a Creeper not mentioned on the Goal you are trying to win with, then it prevents you from winning.

The exception could be considered to be Batman Fluxx, where, if you are winning with ANY Goal which requires a specific Villain (the Creepers of the Batman version) then no Villain prevents your win. You are considered to be “on the side of the bad guys” for that win. Batman Fluxx is also an exception in that, if the Goal does NOT require a Villain, then Villains ANYWHERE (in front of ANY player) will prevent the win.

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Q: It is possible to use Get On With It if the rules are only Play 1?

… The wording “final play” makes it seem as if there’s more than one play needed….

A: If you have only one Play (or only one card to play, even if the rules allow more) then that one card would be both your first and your final play. So yes, there IS a final play, even if you’d only be playing one card.

So, in order to use Get On With It, you’d have to do it before your final play, i.e. before your ONLY play. You’d just not take your Play for that turn, and do Get On With It instead.

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Q: Are Keeper/Creeper powers that say “On your turn…” only able to be used once when you first put the Keeper in play, or on every turn?

A: “On your turn” means every time your turn comes around (assuming favorable conditions apply).

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Q: If my opponent has a Keeper in play which says “On your turn you may…” can I use that power on my turn, since it doesn’t specify who “you” are?

A: No. In order to use the powers of a Keeper or Creeper in play, it must be in your possession. “You/your” in this case refers to the owner of the card only.

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Q: If you’ve got enough Goal cards in your hand, can you use the Goal Bonanza (or 5 Card Mission or It’s a Quest!) free action twice in one turn?

…(& One, Two, Five! isn’t on the table)

A: To review, It’s a Quest! is from the Black Knight Expansion for Monty Python Fluxx.

While most Free Actions are once per turn, and maybe we meant to put that on this card, but forgot, that might be just fine. Checking with Andy on this he says, “I see no reason why you couldn’t use it more than once per turn if you had the Goals available.”

Yes It’s A Quest is similar to 5 Card Mission and Goal Bonanza in AstroFluxx, so this ruling would apply there too, assuming you had enough Goals in hand.

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Q: When I play a Keeper with a power or special ability, must that be invoked immediately?

A: No, you don’t HAVE to use it immediately. You MAY use it immediately if you want to, however.

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Q: When I use a free power on a Keeper (or Creeper), is the Keeper destroyed?

A: Keeper powers do not usually destroy or take the Keeper out of play to use them – unless they specifically say they do.

A couple say you’ll have to pick the Keeper up and put it back in your hand when you use its power, and one or two say to insert the Keeper into the middle of the draw pile. Only a couple will cause destruction of the Keeper being used. In any case those requirements will all be specified on the Keeper in question.

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Q: Does Double Agenda include the playing of a second Goal as part of it’s effect?

…Double Agenda says “A second Goal can now be played…” The person I was playing with thought this meant they automatically got to put a second Goal down as part of the Double Agenda play.

A: Double Agenda allows there to be two Goals at the same time, but playing a second Goal (or even first if you’re really early in the game!) still uses up one of your plays for your turn.

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Q: How do I handle Creepers which are dealt to me at the beginning of the game?

A: Some versions of the rules deal with this explicitly, and some don’t, so we’re answering this here in the FAQ, just in case there is any confusion.

Creepers may not be held in your hand, so if you get a Creeper as part of your dealt hand, you put it on the table in front of you (play it pre-game, essentially) and draw to replace. If it’s another Creeper, continue until you have a starting hand containing zero Creepers.

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Q: What happens if I play an Action that causes my turn to end immediately in the middle of Draw 3 Play 2 or Draw 2 & Use Em (or Fizzbin, or Goal Bonanza)?

…Since these cards are all played as part of a single play, would the player get to finish playing them out, or would their turn just stop? And if it just stopped, what would happen to any unplayed cards? We’ve been letting the player keep them.

A: The clear answer is that if you decide to play one of these turn-ending Actions, your turn would end immediately, and you would not get to continue playing cards from your temporary mini-hand (in other words, no, you would not get to finish playing D3P2/D2UE.

Of course, in the case of Fizzbin, you don’t get a choice as to the order of cards played, but that card most closely resembles D3P2/D2UE, since you set your main hand aside, and are working from a temporary hand of extra cards to execute the Fizzbin.

Using the optional Free Action Rule Goal Bonanza also creates a sub-hand with your main hand set aside. While it’s not in any decks with turn-ending Actions, it’s in the More Packs, which could be added to any deck, including those with turn-ending Actions.

However, there is NO way that any remaining cards would go back into your set-aside hand. They are never intended to go into your actual hand at all, as indicated by the requirement to set your hand aside. Any cards left unplayed when you played the turn-ending card are discarded. If you wanted to play them, you should have done it before the turn-ending card.

Brain Transference: Discard remaining cards in your temporary hand and trade places with the player of your choice. Turn ends.
Time Portal: Choose a card as described and add to your set-aside hand. Discard remaining cards in your temporary hand. Turn ends.
What Do You Want: If you choose to take a Keeper or Goal out of the discard, it goes into your set aside hand. Discard remaining cards in your temporary hand. Turn ends.
I’ll Be In My Bunk or I’ll Be Right Back: This card does not specifically say that your turn ends immediately, but you certainly can’t continue your turn if you “Excuse yourself from the game and leave the room for a few minutes.” Discard any cards remaining in your temporary hand. Leave the room.

Swap Plays For Draws and Get On With It, while they do involve having your turn end immediately, are New Rules, not Actions, so, as you can see from this answer, things would work a bit differently:
See: Can you Get On With It or Swap Plays For Draws with your cards from an Action like Draw 3 Play 2?

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Q: Can I use Get On With It if I played my only card, but the Play rule says to play more? Does that count as “before my final play”?

…I had one card in my hand, with Play 4 in effect. I played my card, an Action card which was then discarded. I wanted to claim to able to get 3 new cards because “Get On With It” which was on the table says I could since I had discarded my hand and had 4 – 1 = 3 plays left.

A: In order to take the option to Get On With It, you must be sacrificing (at least) one of your Plays, and you must be discarding a hand of at least one card.

The most obvious issue is that, at the point when you wanted to Get On With It, you didn’t discard your hand. You played an Action, and now your hand is empty. You have to have something to discard in order to discard something. Your hand has to exist in order to be discarded.

The second issue is almost a side effect. We would not consider you to “have plays left” if you have no cards to play. In this case your first play WAS your final play, so you can’t take this option because it’s not before your final play. In order to have a final play, you have to have a card to play.

The whole thing follows logically, since the card/s you could have played – but didn’t – will be remaining in your hand, and therefore among the cards you’re throwing away.

See also: Is Swap Plays For Draws limited by the number of cards you have in your hand?

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Q: Why does Let’s Do That Again say we shouldn’t change the order of the discard pile?

…It seems like it wouldn’t really matter.

A: Actually, this is mostly unnecessary. There used to be a rule where one could take things out of the top three cards, but that card has been replaced in all current versions with this one, which is more liberal. That said, there is a promo card which allows you to take the bottom card off the discard pile, so it would matter if you were playing with the promo card Composting. Hmm.

In Nature/EcoFluxx, the Action Scavenger lets you look down through the discard pile and play the first Keeper you find. Anyhow, you could look at the other cards in your deck, and see if this is going to matter for the version you’re playing with. It’s a matter of logic.

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Q: We’re confused about how many extra cards we get to draw with Cartoon Talk under different circumstances.

A: This card is similar to some other cards we have, like Talk Like A Martian (promo for Martian Fluxx), Outrageous Accent (in Monty Python Fluxx), or Talk Like A Pirate (Pirate Fluxx). All of them work in the following way, to reward which ever kind of out-of-the-ordinary speech they describe.

On the first turn this card is in play for you, if you talk like a cartoon character, you can draw 1 extra card.

If you drop character and start talking like your normal self while everyone else takes their turn, then talk like a cartoon character again on your next turn, you get the same bonus as before: 1 extra card draw.

If, on the other hand, you talk like a cartoon character the entire time in between your turns (or don’t talk at all), then when your next turn comes around, you get to draw 2 extra cards when you talk like a cartoon character on your turn again.

Basically, if you stay in character in between turns, then you get the 2 card bonus if you keep it up on subsequent turns. If you stop talking like a cartoon character between turns, then talk like a cartoon character on your next turn, you get to draw 1 extra card.

Like all New Rule cards, it just stays out until it is trashed for some reason.

Just ask yourself when it gets to your turn:
Am I talking like a cartoon character now?
yes? = draw an extra card.
Did I talk like a cartoon character on my last turn, and keep it up until this turn rolled around so I’m still talking like a cartoon character?
yes? = draw a second extra card.

The maximum number of extra cards you will draw because of this Rule is 2.

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Q: How exactly does Run Away work?

A: Anyone who has a Knight Keeper on the table has to move any/all of their Knights to some other player (could be all to one player, or spread between several).

Obviously, you don’t have to move away the Knights who just ran over to you from someone else. It’s supposed to be like crazy running around with little purpose…

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Q: It seems like Get On With It or Swap Plays for Draws would contradict Play All. Would putting either of these into play cause Play All to be discarded?

A: No. The instructions on Get On With It (or Swap Plays for Draws) only temporarily override the instructions on Play All and only on the turn of the player using it. Since choosing to use one of these is optional, simply putting either of them into play doesn’t contradict Play All, so you wouldn’t discard Play All just because you played one of them (nor vice versa!)

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Q: When we draw a Creeper, put it into play, and then “draw another card to replace it,” does that card replace the Creeper, discarding it?

A: It’s true, the Creeper card does say “immediately draw another card to replace it” but this doesn’t mean you replace the Creeper on the table, discarding it. This means “replace the Creeper in the number of cards you drew.” If you needed to draw 3 cards, and you drew them and one of them was a Creeper, you play the Creeper and draw another card, because that Creeper doesn’t count as one of the 3 cards you needed to draw (neither does it count against the number of cards you get to Play on your turn), so you have only drawn 2 cards, so you still need to draw a third.

You’re not replacing the Creeper from it’s place “in play” (i.e. on the table). You’re just replacing the card “lost” as part of your draw count because it was a Creeper. The idea is that Creepers go into play automatically, whether you want them to or not. They’re usually a problem for you, and you have to work to get rid of them (though sometimes you need them for Goals, otherwise, they hinder you).

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Q: What cards have effects that include ending my turn immediately if I play/use them?

A: Cards (Actions) that end your turn immediately if you play them:

Brain Transference: Star Fluxx
Clean Cup!: Wonderland Fluxx
Time Portal: Star Fluxx, Doctor Who Fluxx, TNG Fluxx, Voyager Fluxx,
What Do You Want?: Star Fluxx, Oz Fluxx, Doctor Who Fluxx
I’ll Be In My Bunk: Firefly Fluxx
I’ll Be Right Back: Fluxx Remixx
(These last two cards don’t specifically say that your turn ends immediately, but you certainly can’t continue your turn if you “Excuse yourself from the game and leave the room for a few minutes.”)

Cards (Rules) that end your turn immediately if/when you execute them, but not when you play them:

Swap Plays for Draws
Get On With it
Play All +1 (not optional, but see below)

Free Action Rules are optional, so you could choose not to use one that will end your turn immediately. While Play All +1 is not optional, you have some options about when you choose to take that final +1.

Also see:

Also see: Order of events in a Fluxx turn

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Q: In Monty Python Fluxx, I didn’t understand references [A B C] which are definitely not in Holy Grail, and yet you left out references [X Y Z] from the movie?

A: Good questions! MOST of the references in Monty Python Fluxx are from the movie Holy Grail, but there are a few from the sketch TV show and the other movies.

These are (mostly) well worth looking up if you like Monty Python:

Keepers and Creepers:

The parrot is from the “Dead Parrot” sketch (famous quotables “ ‘E’s not dead. ‘E’s just resting!” and “ ‘E’s pining for the fjords!”)

The Spanish Inquisition is from the “Spanish Inquisition” sketch
(famous quotables “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!” and “Not… the comfy chair!”)

The Foot and the Naked Organist each appear briefly in one of the most common versions of the opening credits for the shows.

The Grim Reaper is from the last sketch at the end of the movie Meaning of Life (famous sort-of-quote “It was the salmon mousse!”)

Actions and New Rules:

The Cheese Shop references the “Cheese Shop” sketch where the notable characteristic of said shop is that they don’t actually have anything in stock, and certainly not any cheese.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life references the song at the end of the movie Life of Brian

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink is from the sketch, presumably of the same name. That is the main quote. Definitely watch it to get the punchline to see if you “Know what [he] means” when the card comes up in the game!

Hovercraft Eels is from a slightly more obscure sketch about a very bad translation book.

My Brain Hurts (and the accompanying character saying that line) were sometimes flashed randomly in the sketch show.

Too Silly is from the show which includes sketches being shut down by some sort of anti-silly police, much like the Spanish Inquisition busts into other sketches within its episode.


As for why we didn’t include references to [whatever bit you think is missing from the game] there’s just SO MUCH from the Holy Grail that we couldn’t put it all in. We do get people sad that those are not in there, but we had to make some tough decisions about what worked best to mix with the other cards, given that we had a limited deck size.

Note that if you’re missing The Black Knight or the very insulting French Knight we have some expansions for those!

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Q: What happens to the two Goals when Double Agenda is trashed?

A: Whoever caused it to go away gets to choose which Goal stays in play, and which gets trashed.

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Q: If a Goal requires something + either of two Creepers. Can I win if I have both Creepers?

A: Our call would be that you could win if you have both, since both are mentioned on the same Goal, and the rule regarding winning with Creepers is that it’s possible if the Goal specifically requires that Creeper. Another way to think of it is that it’s not an “exclusive or” (XOR) it is an “inclusive or” (and/or). An exclusive or would mean one or the other, but not both, whereas an inclusive or means one or the other or both.

This is true for any Goal which requires any subset of a group of Creepers. If the Creeper is shown on the Goal, it will not prevent the win, but if the person in question has any Creepers NOT shown on the Goal they’re trying to win with, then those excess unrelated Creepers will prevent the win.

It would be difficult to find all of them to list them here, but we will tag various applicable Goals as they are brought to our attention.
Terrifying Inspiration (Cthulhu Fluxx)
Q Who (Star Trek TNG Fluxx)

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Q: On the card Stop That Singing, what does it mean to “forbid all players from singing”?

A: Technically, the only in-game effect of “Stop That Singing!” is to remove the Rule “I Just Want To Sing”. The statement “…and forbid all players from singing,” means that when you play this card, you essentially just read the title forcefully: “Stop That! No Singing!”

As an Action, it’s a one time card, so it goes away, and the results of your declaration are expected to be about as effective as in the movie…

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Q: If you play “My Hovercraft is full of Eels” and the result is #3(Trash a Keeper)… do you have to trash your own Keeper, or can you trash another player’s Keeper?

A: Of course ideally you’d trash someone else’s. Only if you have the only Keeper/s on the table would you be forced to trash your own. The same is true if you’re forced to play Trash A Keeper and yours is the only Keeper on the table — you have to trash one, and if yours is the only one available, you have to trash it. But if someone else’s is available, feel free to trash theirs!

See also: If you play Trash Something (or Trash a Keeper), can you choose not to trash something?

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Q: There are some cards which make Inflation extra confusing. How do we do the math on those?

A: We’d consider any cards which change the meaning of numerals on a card to be mutually exclusive to each other. Only one of them can be in play at a time, so if one is out, and someone plays a different one, the previous one would be discarded.

Inflation (Fluxx 5.0)(also available as a promo card)
Double Vision (Fluxx Remixx, Drinking Fluxx, More Rules promo pack)
One, Two, Five! (Monty Python Fluxx)
Increment All (Math Fluxx)
Mathematical! (Adventure Time Fluxx)

Note that you’ll find almost all of these (except for 1,2,5) on the same line in the Fluxx card comparison spreadsheet, since we consider these to be kind of variations on Inflation.

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Q: Does the Action Bring Out Your Dead allow a player to trash New Rule cards from the center of the table?

or only Keeper and Creeper cards from in front of the player?

A: Bring Out Your Dead specifies that players may discard any cards from their hand or from the table in front of them. This is meant to signify only those cards a given player has control over. New Rule cards are not on the table in front of any one player – they are communal, so one player cannot decide to discard them using this action. (Neither may they discard Goals, for the same reason.)

Also note that it’s not only cards in play in front of the player, one can also choose to discard cards from one’s hand at the same time.

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Q: How does The Catapult work?

When you play this card, must you use its power immediately?
Does that action count as a play?
Does the action happen every time it is your turn or just once and that’s it?

A: The text says “If you have this on the table, once per turn you may move another of your Keepers to another player, then discard one of that player’s Keepers.”

Keepers or other cards with powers that let you do extra stuff on your turn are optional Free Actions you can take at any time once during your turn. It is not required, and it does not count as a play. “Once per turn” means you may do it once, each time your turn comes around.

So yes, you could choose to take this action immediately on the same turn that you lay it on the table, but as the word “may” indicates, it’s not required. You can choose to use it each time your turn rolls around – or you could choose not to.

Think of this action as the Catapult flinging one of your Keepers (like, say, a Cow) onto someone else’s collection of Keepers, landing there, and squishing something (like, for example, a Trojan Rabbit).

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Q: With We’ve Already Got One, can the French Persons be a specific Creeper that someone else has in play?

A: When the Rule “We’ve Already Got One!” is in play, The French Persons can be any other specific Creeper, even if it is one that someone else has in play. It’s like the joke in the movie: how silly it is for them to say that they’ve already got a Holy Grail? There’s supposed to only be one, right? So it makes sense that even if someone else has a Creeper, the French Persons can masquerade as that Creeper.

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Q: What happens if the Goal is The Cheese Shop and someone plays the Action Bring Out Your Dead?

A: When the Cheese Shop is the Goal, you win if you alone have nothing at all (no Keepers, no Creepers, and no cards in your hand). Meanwhile, the Bring Out Your Dead Action allows all players to discard any of their Keepers, Creepers, or cards in their hand. Together these cards create an interesting situation. If one player chooses to discard all their stuff, they will become eligible to win, but if anyone else jumps on the bandwagon, no one will win – at least not necessarily immediately with that Goal.

Since everyone gets the option at once (there is no specific “turn order” it’s considered to be simultaneous), all players must declare what they are discarding, or not, before anyone can claim a victory with the Cheese Shop Goal. Once the dust settles, i.e. once all cards that are being discarded have been gathered up and are being shuffled, you can claim victory if you alone threw everything away. Similarly, if you notice just one other player quietly discarding all their stuff, you should probably do the same thing… either that, or point out the danger to others, in hopes of getting someone else to dump their holdings in order to avoid losing.

If more than one person does dump everything when Bring Out Your Dead is played with Cheese Shop, then multiple people are meeting the win condition at the same time, in which case the game continues until there is a single winner.

Things that might happen:

If only two people are playing, then as soon as one person draws on their turn, they are no longer meeting the conditions, and the other person will win.

With three or more players, it’s not guaranteed that there will be only one winner immediately. Someone might manage to change the Goal before there is just one person meeting the conditions. The next player to draw might manage to change the Goal – or use all their cards up to stay in the running, prolonging the game. Someone might manage to force others to gain a card somehow, while they empty their holdings again and claim this victory before the Goal can change.

This combo is certainly is a weird and sneaky way to win sometimes. And even without The Cheese Shop, Bring Out Your Dead is useful for getting rid of Creepers on the table, and/or cards in your hand that might cause someone else to win if you’re forced to play them.

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Q: Can you Get On With It or Swap Plays For Draws with your cards from an Action like Draw 3 Play 2?

A: You could certainly put either of these New Rules (Get On With It, or Swap Plays For Draws) into play as part of an Action like Draw 3 Play 2 of them (D3P2) or Draw 2 and Use Em (D2UE), or Fizzbin (or your cards drawn via the Rule Goal Bonanza) but you could not utilize their functions while in the middle of executing one of these cards. While all four of these Actions/Free Actions do give you a sort of temporary hand, you can’t substitute it for your real hand to “discard and draw back up to 3”, for example.

You would either need to invoke Get On With It! before the Free/Action with the temporary hand is played or after. The Playing of D3P2/D2UE/Fizzbin/Goal Bonanza, and all actions as a result of it are considered 1 “Play”.

See also: What happens if I play and Action that causes my turn to end immediately in the middle of Draw 3 Play 2 or Draw 2 & Use Em (or Fizzbin, or Goal Bonanza)?

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Q: Can you use the Finger of God’s Ability to avoid actions such as Steal a Keeper?

A: No. Once someone plays the action Steal a Keeper, it’s too late for you to interrupt what they’re doing with out-of-turn Smiting behavior. They must be allowed to finish the action before anything else can happen.

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Q: If a card says “Your turn ends immediately,” but Play All is in effect, which takes precedence?

A: When you play an Action or use a New Rule card says “your turn ends immediately” it means it’s specifically overriding any Play rule that might otherwise require you to keep playing cards on this turn. You also end any option you may have to use Keeper powers or “Free Action” Rules. If it says “your turn ends immediately” then your turn ends immediately – so make sure you’re all done with stuff before you play/use one of these cards!

See: Q: What cards have effects that include ending my turn immediately if I play/use them?

Also see: Would putting either of these two into play cause Play All to be discarded?

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Q: With Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink can you bluff and draw a card, or do you have to prove you know “what is meant”?

A: Well, that all depends on how good a job of bluffing you do, doesn’t it? Unless some other player suspects you have no idea “what is meant” there’s no reason they should challenge you.

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Q: Can you win with The Cheese Shop in the middle of taking the Get On With It option?

A: No. The option to discard your entire hand carries a requirement that you immediately draw replacement cards. You must obey the entire sentence. The two events happen in a sequence, but both must happen before anything else can be resolved.

See: Does the total effect of playing a card have to be resolved…

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Q: Does Always Look on the Bright Side negate my Creeper for purposes of winning with The Cheese Shop?

Suppose the The Cheese Shop is the Goal and I have no Keepers, one Creeper, Look on the Bright Side of Life (or Silver Lining) in my hand, and have already drawn the draw amount and have one play left. The Cheese Shop says that I win if I have no Keepers, no Creepers, and no cards in hand but when I play the ‘Creepers do not prevent you from winning’ rule do I win?

A: No. Look on the Bright Side of Life (or Silver Lining) lifts the victory-inhibition function of the Creeper generally, but it doesn’t make the Creeper non-existent, and the spirit of the Cheese Shop Goal is that you win if you alone possess absolutely nothing.

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Q: Does the Animator count as the Finger of God for smiting purposes as well as Goals?

A: Yes, the Animator can smite Creepers if the Finger of God is not on the table, since that’s something the Finger of God can do. If something “counts as” another card then it has all the same properties as that other card, without having to spell out all of those properties as written on the other card.

See also: Does the Librarian let us draw & play extra for Miskatonic Study Group?

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Q: If the Animator counts as the Finger of God, can it count as both at the same time in order to fulfill the goal The Meaning of Life?

A: No. While God Himself may be omnipresent, nothing else can be in two places at once. Since the card shows two things being required, you need to have both slots filled. While the Animator can take the place of the Finger on other Goals, you need him to be himself when the Goal is the Meaning of Life, and he can’t do that if he’s off being the Finger of God.

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Q: If I play I’m Not Dead Yet do I get my choice between the topmost Keeper and the topmost Creeper, or do I have to take whichever of those is higher in the pile?

A: You get whichever one is higher in the pile.

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Q: If I have the Creeper The Knights Who Say “NI!” and someone else has the Keeper Trojan Rabbit, is the Creeper nullified since ‘it’ is in ‘RabbIT’?

A: No, the letters I and T within other words do not stop the Knights Who Say NI, only the whole word “it”. (The word title is italicized on the card to emphasize the point that only title text applies, not fine print.)

There are only 2 cards in Monty Python Fluxx that the Knights Who Say Ni cannot abide:

the Goal “‘Course it’s a Good Idea!”
the New Rule “Get On With It!”

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Q: Do the cards you draw with the No-Hand Bonus count towards your Draw for that turn?

If I qualify for drawing three cards because of the No-Hand Bonus, and the Draw rule is five, do I draw a total of five cards or eight?

A: The No-Hand Bonus states: “Draw a new hand of 3 cards BEFORE observing the current draw rule” (emphasis added). Your drawing 3 cards is considered a “pre-turn action”: these cards essentially make up a “new hand” which simulates you having had a hand BEFORE starting your turn. Then you observe the current draw rule, which says draw 5 cards.

So you draw a total of eight cards in this case.

Secondary Q: So if I increase the Draw rule from Draw 2 to Draw 4 on my turn, do I still get to draw an extra 2 cards? One of my opponents argued that I had already drawn 5 for the Bonus plus the Draw 2, so I couldn’t draw more when I increased the Draw rule.

A: Since the cards drawn for the No-Hand bonus are separate from those drawn because of the Draw rule in play, and don’t count towards the number of cards drawn for your turn, YES, you get to draw two more cards when you increase the Draw from 2 to 4.

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Q: If something is played where “your turn ends immediately,” does it mean that you are not subject to the hand and Keeper limits that turn?

A: No. Hand and Keeper Limits apply to you when it’s not your turn, so you would observe them as soon as your turn ends.

See also: Q: What cards have effects that include ending my turn immediately if I play/use them?

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Q: What do I do if I draw a Creeper because of an Action?

A: If a Creeper is drawn by the active player, they must take the Creeper (play it in front of themselves) and draw to replace, such that all the cards they have drawn for whatever the Action indicates will contain no Creepers.

For example, if I play Everybody Gets One, then I, as the active player, am the one drawing cards. As such, I have to take all the Creepers I draw, redrawing until I’m holding enough non-Creeper cards to give 1 to each player including myself. In a deck with a lot of Creepers, anything that makes you draw cards is a liability!

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Q: If the rules are Draw 1, and I draw three Creepers in a row, how many cards do I redraw?

…I say it’s just one card, but my husband says it should be three, since three Creepers were drawn. Who is right?

A: For practical purposes, you are correct. If you have laid down three Creepers in a row like that, you are left needing to draw 1. After your draw phase, you should end up having drawn just 1 non-Creeper for your Draw 1.

If anyone is having a hard time wrapping their head around why this is, here’s a blow-by-blow description of what happens when you draw three Creepers in a row while trying to Draw 1.

You Draw 1. It’s a Creeper.
It goes in front of you, and you draw to replace it, hoping for a non-Creeper to satisfy the current Draw rule.
Your “draw to replace” is… a second Creeper.
It goes in front of you with the first, and you draw to replace it, hoping for a non-Creeper to satisfy the current Draw rule.
Your “draw to replace” is… a third Creeper.
It goes in front of you, and you draw to replace it, hoping for a non-Creeper to satisfy the current Draw rule.
Your “draw to replace” is… finally a non-Creeper, which you add to your hand, and you have successfully followed the current Draw rule, which is Draw 1.

As you can see, in some ways, your husband is right… but the thing is, the three cards that were “drawn to replace” did happen… they’re just over as soon as you draw 1 non-Creeper.

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Q: What does it mean when a card says its action is a “free play” or a “free action”?

Does it count as one of your plays for your turn to do this thing?

A: No. That’s the whole point of it being “free”. It does not use one of your plays. Depending on the game we’re talking about (there are cards like this in Chrononauts and Back To The Future, in addition to many in Fluxx editions), you might only be getting one play per turn, and whatever this thing does won’t use up your play for the turn.

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Q: If Double Agenda is on the table, and each Goal requires a different Creeper can you win by fulfilling both Goals?

For example, if the Goals were He Bravely Ran Away (requires the 3-Headed Giant) and Rabbits of DOOM (requires the Killer Rabbit).

A: No, not if they are two different Creepers like this. The 3-Headed Giant you need to win with He Bravely Ran Away prevents you from winning with Rabbits of DOOM, while the Killer Rabbit you need for that prevents you from winning with He Bravely Ran Away.

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Q: If I have specific Creepers required for a Goal, but I also have other Creepers, can I still win with that goal?

A: In the vast majority of cases, you cannot win if you have Creepers not specifically required by the goal.

• Do your extraneous Creepers say that they keep you from winning? (Almost all Creepers do, but if they don’t then go for it.)
• Is there a Rule in play that lets you win even if you have Creepers? (There are a couple of these, depending on which versions you have.)
• In Batman Fluxx, if the Goal requires a Villain, Villains don’t prevent you from winning. However, if the Goal does NOT require a Villain, then Villains ANYWHERE prevent you from winning.
• In Nature Fluxx (aka EcoFluxx) all Creepers prevent everyone from winning, regardless of who has them.

See also: The… Goal requires a Keeper and either of two Creepers…

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Q: When Double Agenda goes into play, does the next Goal played have to go in the second slot?

Or can it replace the single Goal in play, leaving a spot empty?

See this answer in a video!
Little Answers

A: If there is an empty slot for a Goal because of Double Agenda, the next Goal played must fill that spot, and not replace the single Goal already in play.

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Q: What is the name of a card? is it the text on the side in the color rectangle, or the bolded black text in the middle above the line?

A: Both pieces of text are considered to be part of “The Title” for purposes of something like looking for the word “it” in the title, if you’re wondering about the Knights Who Say “Ni!” in Monty Python Fluxx. That said, the official title is the one on the stripe.

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Q: Do Keeper Limits apply to Creepers as well?

A: No. There is no limit to the number of Creepers you can have in front of you.

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