Q: I’d love to add historical points to my timeline! Do you make Chrononauts blanks?

A: Unfortunately, we don’t make blank Chrononauts cards. While there may be lots of room for creativity, it’s actually much harder than you think:

For every new Ripplepoint you make, you need a Patch, which would necessitate a blank deck card in addition to a blank timeline card. If you wanted a blank Linchpin, that’s yet another type. And adding points to the timeline would have little effect if there weren’t any characters who needed them, so that’s yet another type of blank needed.

We consider balance quite important, so that there are always people fighting for both sides of a given timeline point. That’s a game design issue, and we just don’t feel the average fan is up to that level of tweaking. In short, it’s quite a small audience for a rather complex little layout and print job.