Q: If I play Brain Transference and there is a Hand Limit, how does discarding work, if at all?

One player played the Brain Transference card, which states “your turn ends immediately.” At this time, the ‘Hand Limit 2’ New Rule was in effect. The player who played the Brain Transference card had more than 2 cards in his hand at the time the transference card was played.

Does this player discard down to the 2 card hand limit before switching places, or does the other player pick up the hand with more than 2 cards?

A: The two players would switch places, and the new player would get the large hand. Keep in mind, however, if it is their turn next, they don’t get to roll into their next turn with a giant hand. That giant hand is from a turn which is over, and whoever has it must discard down to the Hand Limit before starting their next turn.